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Thread: Arrivals 3/11 - 3/15

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    Arrivals 3/11 - 3/15

    We have Indo Fish/Inverts and Caribbean Fish/Inverts both arriving Thursday afternoon.

    Caribbean Fish/Inv - Arrives Thursday Afternoon

    2-cherub angel
    1-sm queen angel
    2-royal gramma
    3-chalk bass
    1-sm volitan lion
    3-pink/purple condylactus anemone
    12-asst green flower anemone
    60-emerald crab
    4-swiftia gorgonian
    2-orange ric florida
    3-green ric florida
    30-peppermint shrimp
    400-astraea snail
    6-feather duster
    3-pin cushion urchin
    2-yellow gorgonian

    Indo Fish/Inv - Arrives Thursday Afternoon
    3-green long tentacle anemone
    1-green saddle carpet anemone
    6-green bubble anemone
    6-choc chip star
    2-lubbocks fairy wrasse
    1-green coris
    3-sailfin tang
    2-blue eye tang
    2-filament fairy wrasse
    2-royal flasher wrasse
    1-yellow flanked fairy wrasse
    5-purple queen anthias aka purple tuka
    2-sailfin fairy wrasse
    12-male squami anthias
    2-blue sided fairy wrasse
    12-diamond sifter goby
    2-dwarf lion
    2-lg adult blue face angel
    3-copperband bfly
    6-leopard wrasse
    6-six spot goby
    6-algae blenny
    6-sixline wrasse
    12-blue damsel
    6-domino damsel
    6-stripe damsel
    18-firefish red
    4-engineer goby
    2-yellow watchman goby
    1-hector's goby
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