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Thread: Arrivals 5/13 -5/17

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    Arrivals 5/13 -5/17

    Barrier Reef has at least eight shipments scheduled for the week as we load up for our Private Appointment Sale Thur-Fri. If you don't have an appointment PM/Email me right away so we can get you booked in. Without an appointment there aren't any times you can come get a discount on livestock. Cyrus Forell on FB or to reach me by email. We have Indo Fish/Inv, Cleaner Crew+, USA Farmed Coral, Sea and Reef Aquacultured Fish, ORA Aquacultured Fish/Coral, Mixed Wholesale x2, Local Aquaculture, and more coming in.

    Sea & Reef Aquacultured Fish - Arrives Tuesday
    6-orange storm clown
    2-lightning maroon clown
    6-davinci clown
    12-ocellaris clown
    4-orchid dottyback
    1-mocha storm clown
    2-naked clown
    2-thunder maroon clown

    ORA Aquaculture Fish/Coral - Arrives Tuesday
    4-clarkii clown
    6-lemon damsel
    4-neon dottyback
    4-emerald green mushroom polyp - new!
    1-orange zoa
    3-vargas cespitularia
    1-australian delicate
    1-hawkins echinata
    3-green humilis
    1-red planet
    1-monti setosa
    2-space grass digitata - new!
    4-tigertail seahorse
    3-blue bottlebrush
    1-polystoma table - new
    1-imperial autera stag - new!
    1-purple and green acro

    Mixed Wholesale #1 - Arrives Tuesday Evening
    3-ultra goniastrea moon brain
    1-ultra lobophyllia brain
    1-elegance coral
    1-platygyra maze
    2-bubble coral
    1-long tentacle plate
    1-ric yuma rock
    5-incredible fungia type plate
    13-asst aquacultured monti cap frags - peppa pig, green lagoon, grafted, devils eye sunburst and more
    20-asst cultured acro frags
    3-cultured green slimer frags
    2-cultured sunrise cyphastrea frag
    1-cultured stylocoeniella cotton candy frag
    1-cultured acan echinata orange/purple frag
    2-cultured pink alveopora frag
    3-cultured candy cane frag
    3-kryptonite mushroom
    2-aust torch
    1-toxic branch hammer green/purple mottled
    1-yellow goniastrea frag
    1-alveopora ultra pink colony
    5-asst elegance coral
    1-neon goniastrea
    1-yellow leather coral
    3-pyramid butterfly - finally! reef safe
    3-yasa hashe goby - finally its been a long time
    8-harlequin shrimp
    10-lg cleaner shrimp
    50-lg nassarius snail
    8-asst australian acropora - supplier owner handpicked for us!

    Cleaner Crew+ - Arrives Wednesday
    100-med blue leg hermit
    30-scarlet hermit
    80-emerald crab
    14-assr flower anemone
    6-fighting conch
    6-lettuce nudi
    1-black cap basslet
    Boat problems. Zero'd on Peppermints. Rain checks ok if we run out.

    US Based Coral Farm - Arrives Wednesday
    1-royal blue tenuis
    2-palmer's blue millepora
    3-forest fire digi
    1-tcn blue bonsai
    6-RR orange passion!
    4-blue turaki
    1-starburst monti cap
    1-green with blue polyps monti cap
    3-red sea pulsing xenia
    2-green palau nepthea
    1-weeping willow toadstool

    Mixed Wholesale #2 - Arrives Wednesday
    2-coral beauty
    1-flame angel
    1-golden angel
    1-japanese basslet
    2-bicolor blenny
    3-algae blenny
    6-golden midas blenny
    3-ruby red dragonet
    3-starry blenny
    3-tailspot blenny
    2-pyramid butterfly - reef safe
    12-azure damsel
    2-aiptasia eating file
    12-diamond sifter goby
    2-dragon goby - common planaria/flatworm eater
    3-green mandarin
    6-orange spot watchman goby
    2-rainfordi goby
    2-red mandarin
    6-yasa hashe goby
    3-yellow clown goby
    2-spotted mandarin
    6-yellow rose watchman goby
    3-yellow watchman goby
    2-dwarf lion
    1-quoy's parrot
    3-bicolor pseudo
    1-blue spot puffer
    1-valentini puffer
    2-m/l foxface
    3-med blue hippo
    2-asst size clown tang
    1-fiji lemonpeel mimic tang
    1-lg naso tang
    1-powder blue tang
    1-purple tang
    1-sm lieutenant tang
    2-melanurus wrasse
    1-lg male pintail wrasse
    1-red sea cleaner wrasse
    3-sixline wrasse
    4-green bubble anemone
    1-neon green open brain
    1-rainbow yuma
    3-aust acro colony
    2-pink eye chalice frag
    1-interstellar mushroom
    1-black sun coral
    8-m/l cleaner shrimp
    1-tiger pistol
    50-mexican turbo
    6-sand star
    3-black long spine urchin
    3-royal urchin

    We'll post the local aquaculture list once it arrives!
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    Local Aquaculture - Arrived Wednesday
    3-lg acropora microlados
    1-asd rainbow millepora - hot!
    1-blue matrix
    2-lg red monti cap
    1-grafted seasons greetings monti vs red cap
    1-raja rampage chalice
    1-pavona vs acro combo
    2-neon green cabbage
    2-tierra del fuego
    1-cornbreds ppe chalice favia
    1-xmas favia
    3-single stalk xenia
    1-unique acropora
    1-tiny 3 bubble og bounce mushroom
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    Cy Forell- Owner, Barrier Reef Aquariums
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