Barrier Reef has Berghia Nudis, Tonga Coral, Local Aquaculture and Mixed Wholesale planned for this week.

Local Aquaculture - Arrived Monday
3-blue tip stag
2-sunset monti
3-FC Bob Moore Stag
2-flower petal monti
2-avatar chalice
2-JF orange lace clove
1-lg heliofungia LT plate
4-cali tort
3-myagi tort
2-blue/green birdsnest
3-monti spongodes

Tonga Coral - Arrived Tuesday
1-ultra monti
4-yellow toadstool
1-yellow leather
6-green torch
1-maze brain
2-bubble coral
1-red/yellow goniopora
1-green frogspawn
1-red lobo
1-yellow monti
2-red rhodactis mushroom
1-merulina coral
1-green short stem torch
1-purple rhodactis mushroom
1-yellow/pink favia
1-metallic mushroom

Cultured Berghia - Arrive Wednesday
25-aiptasia eating berghia nudibranch

We'll post the Mixed Wholesale list when it arrives!