I wanted to put together a thread showing how to post photos, for those that are either new to forums or those that aren't quite sure how to do it.

There are a couple of different ways to post photos. I'll go over them and include screen shots along the way.

First, here are a couple of links to image resizers. If anyone uses another, please post here, for future reference.

WindowsXP PowerToy

Next, for those that would like to upload pictures to your gallery (and I'll go over the "how to"), there are some limitations on size and space, so if your photo is within these parameters, then you should be good to go. If not, use an image resizer to get the picture to the size it needs to be.

Regular Members are allowed 2MB of photo space, and a 100K file size limit
Premium Members are allowed 5MB of photo space, and a 125K file size limit

Alright - the first method for attaching a picture to a post, is by adding your reply, then "attaching" the picture. The pic will appear at the bottom of the post in an attachment box. It will not be present in your gallery.

To start, you can either click on "Add Reply" or "Go Advanced"... as indicated in the following pictures


Then, you will be taken to another screen. From this screen, you can type out your post, and scroll down to "Attach Files". Click on "Manage Attachments", as shown in this picture:

This will pop up a little box, where you browse your computer for the file you wish to attach. After you select the file, click on "Upload". You can upload a total of 5 pictures per post. Then, close the window.

After this, you can "Submit Reply" or new thread, and walaa - the attachments appear. Using this method, if you Preview Post, you will not see the photo in the preview, however, it will be in the post after submission.

The other method of posting pictures is by using IMG tags. The first thing you need to do, however, is upload a pic to your gallery. You get to your gallery by clicking on "Member Photo Gallery" at the top menu.

You can either click on "My Gallery" on the Left, or "Upload Photos" on the Right. If you click on "My Gallery", then you will be taken to your gallery. Click on "Upload Photos" to continue.

Next, you will be prompted to Browse your computer for the file you wish to upload. Once you find the file, then click on "Upload/Submit"

The next screen is where you fill in the Title and Description of the photo. After that, click on "Process", and you are done.

When you want to post a photo from your gallery, right click on the pic you wish to post, and open it to a new window. There is a url address that will be specific to the photo. Copy the url and paste it in img tags, like in the following picture. (remove the *) [*img]url address of photo[*/img]

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more clarification