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Thread: Let's Talk About ~Algae Control~

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeyseat18 View Post
    What is that best way to keep my general algae growth down? It seems like I'm cleaning my glass every day.
    well there are different types of algae, but for the most part excessive growth is due to high nutrient levels in the water Nutrients+light= algae

    the stuff on your glass is normal.. and good in some ways... It can be used to feed fish.. My fish know that scraping the glass means food floating around,
    i clean in sections.. to let it build... (free food)

    but water changes, with proper water levels, and limited feedings is how to keep algae growth down..
    125AGAg,sump 45breeder w/ jb18000
    2x150led 120lb+LrBB/Fine sand Sump downstairs mIxed reef, softies, pora's,
    1 Premnas biaculeatus ( H. crispa?) 20 years old+

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    Quote Originally Posted by NaH2O View Post
    Time for a new topic.....Algae Control. Everyone's been through it at one time or another, so let's hear methods to diagnose where the problem is coming from, and different means to help eradicate a current problem. What have you battled and how have you dealt with it?
    Algae is one of the most discussed subjects among new lake owners. Managing algae is usually more of a problem for new lakes. A new lake does not have the appropriate stability of vegetation, creature life, and common scientific operate.

    One of the most considerations that you can do when establishing up a new lake is to get the appropriate equipment set up. The push you set up should move at least 1/2 of the complete lake quantity for a standard water lawn. The term “water garden” is believed to be a lake with lots of vegetation and some seafood. A koi fish lake usually has few vegetation and large seafood demanding more purification than a standard water lawn. This type of lake is better off moving at least the full number of it each hour.

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