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    Inviting People Back / New Content

    @spieszak "Again though, fixing the email notifications would be a BIG start to that. " What email notification problems are happening? The alerts can be set to send to email on your account or not to send. That setting is in the alert preferences. Click on your name in the upper right...
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    How to create new thread? Under WTT or WTB?

    Thanks for that view. I had to recreate the forum as it was labeled as a category rather than a forum. You all can post in it now.
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    How to create new thread? Under WTT or WTB?

    You should be able to post in the forum now. Just click on the forum name to see the index of threads. Look to the top for POST NEW THREAD button. Click on that and fill in title and message.
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    Inviting People Back / New Content

    Please let people know that they can sell here. I hope they will come for that and stay, also.
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    How do we get new people in Reef Frontiers?

    @Husker12181 I agree that most do not respond well "use the search feature". It is sorta like using a dictionary to find out how to spell a word you don't know how to spell it. If you knew exactly what to search a new person might find it, but not if they don't know exactly how it was...
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    Inviting People Back / New Content

    With the change to Xenforo activity has picked up a little. Any new thread, esp. sharing tanks/photos really helps right now. I think with a little effort from a few we could attract some old members back and entice new members to join.
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    2019 Reef Photos

    Thought it would be great to see an update from everyone on their reef setups. So, if you can see this, please post a photo of your reefs from this year.