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  • The next fish shipment arrives Tuesday. I ordered 50 chromis and all types of sifter gobies. Hopefully, we get what I ordered!
    have you recieved your fish shipment this week (chroomis, mural goby)
    got a ? i have ordered a overflow kit for a 55gallon aga(from you should arrive thursday) the megaflow kit just wondering if i use flexible hose what type should i use and sizei believe 3/4" and 1"( does the kit come with the hose barb ends fore the bulkhead fitting
    Alrighty...we can do Fiji Totoka Rock for $4.50/lb + tax. No shipping fees but sent to your airport on Horizon straight from LA. Boxes are roughly 50lb. I will be gone from 3/5-3/11 so if you decide to move forward before the 11th please PM Chris (declivis). I have informed him about this.

    Hi Jeff,

    You'll have to give me a day or so to figure out. I can tell you it would be cheapest to send it to the closest airport near you. Would this be an option?
    how much does it run to get a box of premium live Fiji rock? Also is that some thing that can be ordered and shipped to 99338? What would the total cost be shipped to 99338? Thanks in advance.

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