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  • hey scott...i have a blue hornet frag ready..just come get it whenever u head over here or on the br no charge:D
    Yo Scott, let me know when I can pick up the cash and some frags or the clam you owe me. (206)661-0311. I know you said you needed a coralife timer, so get at me cuz I have one.
    I'd like to get some chaeto if you have it. I'll buy a frag too. What do you have? I'm interested in SPS or maybe some rare zoa.

    No problem man you should post some pics if possible of the tank. Do you have an annenome for the clowns yet. Blue sierra has some for a really good price.You have any pics of the tank ?
    thanks fer the rock. tank is going good! picked up an ocilaris(?) fer the kids, some snails cleaner shrimp and 2 emerald crabs. oh and a couple of zoa's a richordia(?) and a xenia. not all at once.:) just wanted to say thanks fer the hook up on the rock!
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