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    My Custom 66

    That tank looks great, they do good work. I like the aquascape too, any issues with the coral? Looks like a smooth transition.
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    Long Polyp Leather $250

    Hello, it is over 1 ft in diameter. I have grown this for over 7 years and would hate to have to frag it. It is turned sideways in my tank so it doesn't take up the whole tank. So if interested let me know. Thanks. I am located in Snohomish near Costco in Woodinville.
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    Moving Sale =)

    I love those chalice, beautiful setup too. What lights are those? Reese
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    Innovative Marine SkimMate nano skimmers now in stock

    Would this fit in one of the Biocube 14 chambers without hood?
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    clown fish hosting duncan

    My clowns usually host on a fuzzy mushroom, but throughout the day they go and even hide in between heads of my duncans. It is pretty funny sometimes when I look over and wonder where my smaller clown is, and walk over to the tank to see it pop out of the duncans. :-)
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    Zoo eating Asterina?

    I have experienced the same thing, and over months of observation of them attacking my zoos. It may sound nuts to allow them to devour my zoos, but I wanted to make sure for myself. I have seen zoos go from healthy to dead in a day after seeing a decent size asterina completely covering the top...
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    Zoo eating Asterina?

    I have seen healthy frags completely wiped when I have seen them wrapped around the polyps, so I am convinced it is them.
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    Zoo eating Asterina?

    Anyone have problems of Asterina starfish eating your zoos?
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    What eats asterina stars?

    I have had a huge problem with them killing my zoos. They are irritating them so bad that they are always closed and a lot of them have shriveled up and detached themselves. I actually just today started plucking them out.
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    Maxi Mini Anemone

    Just curious if you can get these. Thanks.
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    Hey Finn, do you still have that 150w Sunpod and is it for sale still? Thanks.

    Hey Finn, do you still have that 150w Sunpod and is it for sale still? Thanks.
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    Green Slimer Coral

    I will definitely take your advice, but I never intended in bringing it in to be exchanged. This was my own fault and Barrier has nothing but the best customer service and coral to offer. So I will wait and see. I just got home and it looks the same. I have a koralia nano giving it good strong...
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    Green Slimer Coral

    I checked my Slimer frag this AM when I got home and it hasnt spread at all since Wednesday night. So I will wait until I get home from work Monday AM to frag it if I have to. I did perform a 28% WC and just checked my params over an hour after. Calcium: 400 ppm ALK: 11 dKH Nitrates...
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    Green Slimer Coral

    I agree, you are by far the best store. I believe it is my fault due to the high nitrates like was already suggested. I think Barrier's corals have the best selection and healthiest that I have seen anywhere else, so they have my business anytime. Plus they are the most helpful than anywhere...
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    xbox 360 live handle