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    malu nems

    Hey the only think i have had success with is set a spot up in the tank with good flow and place the nem on a rock turn off all the power heads and return pumps for 1-2 hours and he should take to the rock if no parameters change in my experience once they attach they will stay for a long time...
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    Power head electricution

    Hey guys my power head got knocked up out of the water by my carpet anemone when i finally saw it, i went to fix it and i got electrocuted. since that miserable day on Monday i have lost a lot of invertebrates and 2 fish the carpet seems fine when i trouble shoot all the equipment it was the...
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    Looking to get back in on a smaller scale

    Hey welcome back, first off if i were you i would just go with the nevo 20 so you have some room to grow also in my experience it was easier to keep the parameters stable in a 20 vs my 10. A 10 is super small after you get your rock in and a fish, i went with the 10 for my desk i had to upgrade...
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    Sump Build

    Thanks for the reply i will not be using any reactors, my concern is that fluidized beds can cause very high nitrate so i thought it would be better to put it in front of the skimmer in hopes the skimmer will pull out some of the nitrate created from the amino and nitrite conversion to nitrate...
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    Sump Build

    Hey everyone so im building a sump and i need some advice on my filtration order not sure what is best but i would love some advice currently i plan to place my sump filtration in this order total sump volume 65 gallons overflow pipe into a holding chamber 15 gallons-will be adding a sock in...
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    My 450 gallon Ultra Deep Dimension

    very nice looking tank have you tested the stand yet for the weight capacity remember its going to be at min 4500 lbs
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    Seattle/East-side Help 75 gallon tank

    Thank you for the info i went to Denny pet world and they helped me with all the test kits i needed and cleaning equipment theirs a hang on skimmer on the back i believe is broken but they said to let it run for a week and then see if it collects dirt. as far as pictures go i will post some...
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    Seattle/East-side Help 75 gallon tank

    Hello I am very very new to reefing, it was actually just thrown onto me but i seem to enjoy it but have not the slightest idea of what to do i keep going to the fish store 1 time a day trying to learn. the 75 gallon established fish tank was torn down in the condo i bought, (it was amazing...