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  • Hi, I enjoyed our brief chat at OBD. Glad you were able to make lemonade out of your re-birth. You are on the journey toward sweet success again my friend.
    Deborah Glenn
    Hi Carla, this is Mark. You gave me an orange montipora at the Spokane Reef Club bbq. What type of montipora was it? Thanks.
    I was sorry to read about Willis. I hope this New Year brings less sad experiences your way.
    Great to finally meet you too Charlie, I had a great time. Hope to see you over this way some time soon:)
    Hey Deb, shoot me a PM when you get a chance. Good to hear from you, it's been quite a while!!!! Glad to hear your tank is on the good side of life. Mine is doin OK too!!!!
    Hi Charlie. What's new? My tank is doing well. Need to do a water change (so what else is new). I have the same fish as last year. I think there is a crab hiding in a rock and I have to "weed" my tank because the pink pompom xenia likes to try to take over.
    Hi Charlie,
    My name is Stacy and I got your email from Michael in Spokane (returnofsid) on RF. I am trying to make a go of this reef thing and Michael said you would be a good contact here in Montana. BTW, nice to meet you,
    Hey man, how's it going? Nice to see you around again. What you been doing in Russia?
    Hey Deb, I read that :):):) I think all of us have those OH $%^& moments. I am glad you got things straightened out. I am good, as good as it can get anyways.
    How are you doing?
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