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Ed Hahn
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  • Hey Ed, came back here this morning after talking to you last night.

    Miss the hobby. But this time I want to do it right and slow. I may make my own tank and sump and heck even stand. Daniel Washem would help I am really sure. Shari is really missing the fish. I think I will do a soft tank. I do not think that I want to do SPS.
    Ed, Nacho is in Spokane to pick up a large load of salt and really doesn't want to come back empty. Do you know his home phone or cell number?

    If you know it, can you call Nacho on his cell at 509-539-0172. Thanks, Carmen.
    email me at home. I will try to link them to you. I hope you are doing great my friend. I have been getting your emails at home.
    You can always call me too. If I am in a LA area at work please leave a message. I will call you back as soon as I am off work if its not too late.
    Ed (smile)
    Hey Ed!

    I was wondering if you could send me your by-laws. I would love to get our club into official status... :)

    busy as hell, but always good to see you my friend. How are you Jeff? I need to get your number again. My previous Black berry was stolen from car. Tank was recently remodeled and water is clearing as we speak.
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