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  • Thanks Mike, I am really enjoying the two of them, they are super busy and active, lol, the only things moving in tank. I need to wait awhile longer before I can make it a reef!!!
    I am going Zoa's only for about the 1st 6 months!
    You have been a great help, thanks again
    Thank you so much for the tank Open House today! Your tanks are beautiful and the whole set-ups are amazing. I have a lot to learn! :) Thank you also for the gift, it is much appreciated, neighbor! ;)
    Hey Mike,

    It was great to meet you today. Your tanks are amazing! Shawna couldn't stop talking about them all the way home. :) I learned a lot from your tanks and i hope i can apply what i've learned.

    Thanks for taking the time today and for the bag of goodies.

    I live in bothell and I am interested in your pistol shrimp, I am available to pick it up tonight.
    Great meeting with you Mike... going to hook up the skimmer on my 55 for a test run. Will be setting up the 24 in the next few days.

    By the way... GREAT TANKS!!!
    Hey Mike,

    I just sent a e-mail about popping over to pickup the skimmer if all right just give me a shout

    Hey Mike,

    Will you be around tomorrow afternoon or Sunday as I have some money for your Eshopps skimmer

    Thanks, Todd
    I had my frag rack fall so lost a couple, the stylo seems OK, still have two of the zoa frags and the clove.

    Schedule still nutty, will be doing reno in Kent Sat, and Sun will be first day off in couple weeks, wife wants no obligations. Perhaps the following week, weekdays are best or Sun.
    How are those frags doing? Everything you have given me is doing great. I was wondering if you are going to be around this weekend. Maybe we can cut up that red open brain. I'm going to be sad, but that thing is a monster in my poor tank. I do have a show on Friday and I'm working this weekend, but I only work for a few hours on the weekend. I still have your orange digital monti. One thing that I'm interested in is how your rainbow monti colors up. You'll have to keep me posted on that and see how it colors up under your lights. I'm thinking of going to a Phoenix bulb. Have you ever owned one of those?
    hey what time did you think you will be up around this way. i was gonna bring my brother with me when i come get the sump, he does alot of our roofing estimates and he said he could would take a look and come talk to you about the roof.
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