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  • Here's a shot of it at it's best:

    Unfortunately it's gone downhill from here. The photo is from the JBJ at about 12 months...it's currently about 21 months old. Between and issue with maintaining Alk, overcrowding and some maintenance neglect...I lost all my SPS, and developed some serious algae problems. I've moved most of the remaining corals to a larger tank, and am now working on cleaning it up. I've started using MB7 and biofuel, so far so good. I also have an LED retro kit I need to add. I'd like to remove the chiller too...never have liked how often it runs.

    I suppose I should do a post-build thread on it some time. How are the LED's working out for you?
    Hey I'm interested in some of your stuff, whereabouts in Seattle are you? (my bikes my only form of transportation right now so if you are in the north end I'd be down to trade) assuming thats good to go, I would be interested in some frog spawn and torch. Let me see what I have in the way of Zoanthids and we can work out a trade? I have a few frags of eagle eyes and I could probably grab some dragon eyes for you too. I know they aren't quite what you are looking for, but let me know?

    I'm busy with UW marching band stuff this week up until saturday, but I will more than likely be free Sunday all day, and Tuesday until 5.

    Thanks, Justin.
    My brother told me u have a nice light for 125 what does it all come with. Thanks tom k. Ph 206 239 8353
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