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  • Ron, I would love to talk to you about a build. We can design it to do exactly what you need it to do. I work thursday, and meet with you in the afternoon . I don't know exactly where I'll be, as it is 3 days from now, but could pencil something in. You can give me a call at 425-442-3767, and we can get something in the works. Thanks, Jason
    Hi Jason,

    I am interested in talking to you about a tank build but I would like to see if you are open for me to swing by your shop. I am undecided on the dimensions. I have space to go up to 72” length and around 27 – 30 “ wide. This will be my first large tank so I want to discuss the overflow arrangement , acrylic versus glass, other details about the tank. I may not want to start with my maximum size but ease into it with another tank build down the road.

    Are you working Thursday or Friday this week? How about July 4th week? No hurry if we can't get together. I am off starting Thursday and next week as well.


    Ron Millstein
    Jason, how's it going? Funny you did call me again and I was out of the country... you seem to time it right. I will try to give you an call soon.
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