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    three headed paly / ID

    Ive had a 2 happen but never a 3 way cool
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    Fish Store Location

    Everett needs a store LFS bad
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    EMERGENCY- Tank just crashed....

    I had a similar sounding problem. I would suggest replacing return lines from sump if they're old and exposed to your light. None of my corals were opening and a day and a half later a hotdog sized piece of green hair algae came out through a return line. I could only determine that it was...
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    Running a fish tank without arms or legs

    Nice cube it's looking good!
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    B's 8g shallow

    I like the tank so far very nice set up
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    Time for another one... Custom 300 Gallon setup

    Will those lights move up and down or are they going to stay fixed
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    want to mod my aquapod 24 to led

    Ai sol or kessil would be cool
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    Ecoxotic Panorama or Stunner

    AI sol nano would be my LEDs for that tank. There 299. And way bright
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    Time for another one... Custom 300 Gallon setup

    Nice set up it looks like you got the radion way cool I'm still waiting for some Mac software how about you?
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    Chalice Delight Update

    This is tank is so nice great job on the growth you can't see the rock work
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    2011 Christmas Wish list!

    1 radion 2 mp40 and beer
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    Call of Duty MW3

    Defzombie on PS3 mw3
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    what are some good monitoring systems?

    I love my reef keeper lite nothing fancy but my temp is always 77 to 77.1 it Even has a wave maker fun.super expandable.all for 120
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    Come pick my brain...I know there are more beginners out there.

    Ok, come on, it's not like you bought a zune; they're still the number one lights on the market. As for the upgrade, wireless will be 49.95 a unit, but for the fixture I read that the upgrade from the original to the blues was 250. As for the storm applications, it should be a firmware update...