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  • Hi Krish,

    Saw in a recent post you mention using white pvc board for the bottom of your BB tank. What exactly do you use? I got rid of all my sand due to not being able to clean it well enough, but the bottom of my tank looks like hell. I'm thinking about putting something down to cover the bottom, and your PVC comment sounded interesting. And if there are any other similar ideas you've come across in threads, please let me know.

    Thanks, Marc
    But, But you can't leave now, we only just met!!! LOL. Did something happen to your tank? What ever it is, I wish you the best of luck. Take care, Brian
    under the link for"my Bohemian photo album. You apologized for so many pics. and they may take a while for some slower computers to down load. They were great shots and I really enjoyed them . Cheers, Brian
    Thanks for the compliment on my tank. I checked out your pics. You have nothing to apologize for. You can never take too many great shots like that. Thanks for sharing, Brian
    what material did you use on the inside bottom of your tanks when you went Bare Bottom?
    woot... they made some changes to the forums and im still haveing trouble finding stuff..

    what a noob i am,
    Hey Steve! Not much man...You? Just work on this side and spending time with the family. How are things with you?
    Congrats Morgan...Sounds great! You should really enjoy it :) All is well here...I've been really busy with work and being a dad requires a bit of your time, but I can't complain. Still no tank yet. Not sure what I'm going to do in that department yet so I'm just going to ride it out a bit longer till I'm ready.

    Good to hear from you man...Take care and enjoy the new positiong :)
    hey krish how u doin man long tiome no chat whats been happeing with u and ur family hope everythings good have u got a tank again yet or what?
    ive just become the frag fest co-ordinator for the local west australian marine aquarium society
    apperntly the last guy didnt do that good a job of anything so now ive got free raine to try to make it better and not many ideas but yeh should be intresting
    talk to you soon
    Working!!! Tons of it! (LOL) Guess it's a good thing though. Going to check your pm now :)
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