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  • very cool glad to hear it... My tanks are suffering a bit since the accident Soyadrink came over and spiffed them up a bit I have lost a lot of corals but not much I can do about it for now. I am home alone this week bored out of my mind!
    Things are going great my tank is done cycling now and I have 6 new green chromises and a new emerald crab
    Im dont doing much just looking for a new job. The one I was going to get fell through so I'm looking at two more tomarrow.
    BIGTIME BUMMER on the nem that sucks time to get rid of that shrimp! Yeah I have thought about the blow torch concept for the aptasia I may have to do the same for the nano as there is a lot more of them in there than I had thought :-( spent an hour with the syrnge last night...
    Well Mike I tried Something New to get rid of the aphasia. And its gone. I took The live rock out of the tank the had it on it and I took a lighter to him for 1 minute and 30 seconds and he has not come back yet. oh and my shrimp killed my green bubble tip.
    no my appologies its a monti cap my addy is 22500 se 56th st #30-101 I am just leaving so I will be back around 4 or so...
    hey man I will be in and out all day Saturday but if you like you can come over in the afternoon were you after a piece fot eh orange monti?
    Hey mike its Tony I was wondering what you are doing this Saturday. If your not doing anything I wanted to know I can trade you one of my Brown Stylaphora frags for your plate coral frag.
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