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  • I was wondering if you have any pictures of the racks you make. I cannot get the one in the thread to pull up. I may be interested in getting a couple.
    Do you have photos of your soft coral tank that are on this website? I am starting with softies, but am adding a select few LPS - an aqua candy cane with two heads and a lobophyllia that is grey-blue with yellow and peach centers - figure eight form - two polyps. My 55 gal conversion from freshwater to saltwater has been up for 5-6 months and doing beautifully. I would love to see your tank for inspiration. Thank you. Donna
    hi i was in portland this weekend and went to rosecity aquarium this weekend and they had lots of nice high end zoos for cheep if you are ever down there thats a good place to go
    luisse25 was suppose to take care of your stuff.
    I'm not sure what arrangements she made to go out to Pauls.
    Next up will be buying some zoa's from you once I have created some room. Not sure what I want but from what I hear you are the guy to talk to.
    Hey Martin, what model Nikon and lens do you use take all of those great pictures with?

    I was thinking that I should just pay you the $50 for the Hybrid PPEs rather than making you wait till I can take a drag???

    I can Paypal you the $ if you want.

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