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  • Just curious, but is your "I need a cheaper hobby" referring to your tank or your mopar? : )
    They opened up the following morning when the lights came on, I placed them in the sand for now. Thanks again, they look great!
    Hello, just wanted to check and see how the PPEs and the others are doing for you. hope they are well! :)
    Sounds like quite the project, typical rust in the trunk pan back widow, and ductchman pnl? its a luv hate relationship when restoring mopars.
    I have a line of people looking at this starting with my brother in-law (previous owner), son and daughter. My wife wants it gone and I hate the thought although I can bring it back to life... Just don't know about someone to do the bodywork right. It's a 440 nearly stock - I went to great lengths to find original part number components - many NOS, many salvage yards and other chargers involved. I estimated 18 parts cars are now part of this one.
    Nice, decent options especially w/a Dana. Cost of Mopar restorations have gone through the roof and it is hard to find parts unlike chebbies and fords. Thats what makes them special though, not to many old mopars on the road. If your thinking of selling it I would like to take a look sometime. Keep the faith and if you sell enough frags maybe you can restore her, :)
    It's a real RT/SE although not numbers matching motor and trans. AM/8 track, SE Leather interior, woodgrain dash, bucket seats with Auto on the column. I bought it for $400 for the Dana 60 axle 25 years ago. I was into racing back then. Now I can't afford to get it restored. Last ran 15 years ago. You've got a couple of great ones also - I always loved the look of the 69 GTX and 71 Cuda as well...
    Nice ride! You got pix. True XS car or clone? I have a 70Challengert r/t 440/4spd and a 69 coronet r/t 440/4spd, no clones here. Reefing takes away fromn the stress of the Mopars :) what options are on the charger? You dont see to many rt/se's any more.
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