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    Acro I.D.

    they like a lot of indirect flow
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    Thanks Kev
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    Thanks for the input Kev any suggestions for slow growing sps for a small high light tank?
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    Stonies or Softies?

    I run a mixed reef of stonies because I feel the challenge and the colors offered by LPS/SPS corals have no rival.
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    Poll: What do you feed your corals?

    my SPS feed upon the nitrogen in the poo from the fish in my tank
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    Kevin, with the 125g skimmerless system you ran, you essentially just did religious wc's to maintain N03 and P04 levels correct? Do you think that skimmers can strip the water column of microfauna that could be eaten by corals and other invertebrates? Did you ever battle nuisance algae in that...
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    I am curious as to what Kevin and you folks think about maintaining SPS in a skimmerless system, that has no fuge or DSB but just LR. I know it can be done but what advantages/disadvantages could this type of system provide. I assume careful monitoring of organics must be the main priority...
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    I use them to replenish my population once in a em!
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    Branching Slimer

    fast growers fo sure