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  • They are leaving the carpet dryer and dehumidifier hooked up for one more night. THAT does not fit into MY plans LOL
    I lost my Splendid Dottyback last night. Almost lost the clowns and the mandarin. All are doing well now. I made a catch tray last night that I will line with 4mil plastic. The tray will allow the entire tank to sit inside of it, stand and all :)
    Brian had mentioned to me that Jeff was headed back over. How long will he be gone this trip?

    If You need anything, let me know
    He's doing pretty good still healing but getting around much better. I hope all is well with Tanner. What seems to be the problem.
    wonders never

    how's things going? been super busy here, haven't had much time to be on the site...
    Congrats to Carmella!!
    Lexi's team went undefeated (again) in the Halloween Classic tournament playing up in age, U9. They played their last game last night against a mix of U9 AND U10 girls from Westfield and won no problem. So outdoor games are over and we are just doing some winter training until January when we start indoor games.
    This week is pretty busy. I may have to come out and see the eel next week.
    Thanks for the info for my Mom! Sent you an e-mail back
    See ya
    I'll have to get by and see him. Lexi has 5 soccer games in the next 3 days so we will be a little busy.
    I have also been working on my floor...Almost done with it now Jim and Mom think I should paint the room beige now:eek: It probably would look better but I wanted the basement to be different. Neutral is for the main floor, basements are supposed to be fun!
    Anyway, let me know your schedule so I can come see Your new pet.
    Logans 6:30 ..are we still getting together tomorrow after work? Rock band or just kalk reactor mod?
    PA has 2- 'Blue spotted Wrasses'. I am wondering if these are Potters Wrasse? If they are ,do you want me to mark one sold or bring one home for you? (are you working Sat?)That's if they are eating anyway
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