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  • hey mike. how are you doing. well i know you still need to buff a tank for me. well that tank im tankeing down. i have a new acrylic tank that is alot bigger. do you wnat to make some extra cash. i need a new acylic tank buffed out. i will pay you to do it. give me a call. 253-576-6326. talk to you soon. chad
    Hey Clear out your inbox LOL... it says full, but if you can send me some pics of that sump that would be great! :) thanks buddy!
    hey mike. its getting close to getting everything out of my 180 gallon tank. when are you up to buff it out. talk to ya soon. chad
    Hi Mike,
    Are you still interested in doing some window cleaning? I know you posted you might want to get out of it... Let me know, we could have you work this week if you want to make some $
    Totally is I just looked at some of your posts. This is Anthony from the north end petsNpals (well not anymore). Man I havent heard from you since I broke my phone well now I know how to find you, I will get your number and we can catch up.
    I traded Randy my 50 gal setup, tank,sump,rock,corals and fish for a few months of rent. I have my 12 gal nano w/all my fav corals that dont need halide light. I can always get back into a reef tank later when lm settled in. I know all of ya will hook me up. I just need to focus more lm my life and getting things squared away. If any of ya know of a good company hiring, let me know
    It is ok, l get my son tonite for a little bit. I just been working a lot and looking into leaving window cleaning and get into a career minded job. Looking into lineman,electrician, railroad, etc
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