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    BRS 4 Stage Value Plus RODI - $75

    Media still good. Runs with 0 TDS after RO section. Comes with hose bib attachment. Pick up - South Everett area
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    Tank takedown - South Everett area

    Fish have all been spoken for. Corals are still available. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tank takedown - South Everett area

    Fish and corals to be sold first. Fish: 4” Tomini Tang $30 2” Pygmy (Cherub) Angel $20 3” Lawnmower Blenny $10 3” Banggai Cardinal $10 Corals: Zoa/Paly Rocks (vary in size and colors) $20 – $40 each Large rock with Zoas/Palys with 4” Red center w/Green skirt Mini-Max Anemone $60 3.5” Green...
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    54 rr corner reef

    Looking good. I like the aquascape.
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    Gone for a few years but coming back?

    Denny's Pet World over in Totem Lake Sea King in Bellevue Barrier Reef in Renton
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    Im the new guy

    Welcome. We love to see pictures, so start a build thread when you get a chance.
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    That new new

    Welcome! A 40b is a great tank to start out. Are you running a sump? Plans for lighting, etc?
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    Back in the hobby - New Fluval M40 at work

    Welcome. Can't wait to see pictures while the tank matures.
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    1guydude 300g

    I hate to say it, but on Facebook I thought I saw him saying a seam gave way on the tank earlier this week.
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    How do we get new people in Reef Frontiers?

    I would check with Barrier and Sea King. They both have local custom tank manufacturers that should be able to build a sump.
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    My 1st Saltwater Tank

    Great shots
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    My 1st Saltwater Tank

    Very nice!
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    Hello From WA state!

    Welcome! Looking forward to watching your progress.
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    1guydude 300g

    At first I read this as: "Are you at the point of an upgrade, yet?". Time for a 500g! :) :)
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    1guydude 300g

    The frame on Todd's LED array was raw aluminum. I don't recall him having any issues with corrosion. I have two pieces of raw aluminum bar stock connecting my LED lights. They are about 9" above the water and show no sign of corrosion.