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  • hey was wondering what was the name of that 2 part solution you are using i remember talking to you about it at one of the north sound reefers meetings but i cant for the life of me remember the name.
    aloha ROb...it's Les from WPH great talking to your on the phone the other day i didnt realized but we talked for over an hour....LOL anyways Im checking in on a possible ORA fish order from you and see if you decided to sell me that ORA spotted mandarin you had in your store...anyways let me know....have an awesome day...aloha Les @ WPH
    hey Rob,
    EMPTY OUT UR PM'S :) i know ur busy setting up the new shop, but was just checking to see if u still have that purple death frag, and just curious what ur policy was on the shrimp that kicked the bucket overnight...i still got the frozen remains.. :)
    anyway, hope the move is almost over for you and that all is cycling well in the new systems...
    Looking for Squampinis Lyretail anthias harem, 3-4 females. My colorful male is lonely.
    Thanks again for all the help today! :] I'll be back in later this week (with the tubs) for muh cute live rocks <3
    Hey Rob, It's Ryan from Mill Creek. Hope everything for your move is panning out. I can't wait to see your new store.
    Hey Rob hows it going this is Mike from Marysville. I had a heat issue with my tank and had a crash all frog spawns and hammers are gone. I think I might have to invest in a chiller any suggestions? Mike
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