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  • hey there. my name is chad doane and my name on here is reefman069. i cant get to the forum were you can buy and sell coral. can you please fix. i have been a member for years. thanks chad
    This can get addicting... thanks... I wished to start a new thread about coral wars... which coral stings which? don't know how to creat a thread but would find it helpfull to know before finding out the hard way...
    I was wondering if there was a way I or you could change a setting letting me to be able to replay to PM's more than once a minute. its really annoying when you got a bunch to respond to but you have to sit there for a minute after sending each one
    I just got back on the forum after being gone for a while and I can't post questions or leave comments can you help me with this?

    i have made 50 post and i believe i should beable to post where ever?
    Members Showcase Forum A place to showcase your Reef tank master peice. Show us your reef tank or marine fish tank, tell us about the aquarium equipment used and the corals, fish and inverts you keep.
    could you take down my pics of the actrlic frag plugs on the thread "PROTOTYPE FRAG PLUGS in genneral diiscusion
    Thank you!!!
    It's for legal reasons!!!
    I have a concerning question about my SPS corals in my 150 gallon reef ecosystem. I have many types of SPS corals and find that some of them will bleach out over a very short period of time. They may be healthy for weeks, months, and sometimes only days, and then will begin to go white and then eventually become entirely white. My chemistry is right where it should be:
    pH = 8.3
    dKH = 10 to 12
    Calcium = 400 to 450ppm
    Nitrates = 0 to 5 ppm
    No ammonia or nitrites
    No phosphates

    I dose with kalkwasser, and also use Liquid Reactor. I dose also potassium, and put in 4 drops every other day of Lugol's iodide. I also put in about 3 capfuls of Purple Up every other day.

    Any suggestions as to why these stonies bleach out. I have a salinity of 1.025 and I have lots of current flow in the aquarium. I use a 72" Aqualight with (3) 150 watt each 20K Metal halides and (4) 96 Watt actinics. Everything is thriving well, but those occassional SPS acropora digitata.
    I have been trying to upload some pictures that I took with my Kodak digital camera. Every time I try and upload, I get the message that the file is to big. Can you help?
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