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    did you order the stuff? or gonna wait tell this weekend?
    hey roscoe. hows it goin? just started to cycle my tank!!!hooray.....starting to look at corals. was wondering what you got right cruisin down that way on friday possibly not wanna stop by tell saturday(incase i grab a couple corals) you got a list or anyway i can c what you got availble?
    Thanks for all the info. and everything.... Your tank is absolutely awesome. My son (Zachary) informed me that he wants a tank just like yours:) someday....
    Question: for your 40B - what did you use for additives (if any)?
    Secondly, What brand and what test kits do you prefer?
    Thanks again,
    hello roscoe the names rod got reffered to you by chad(reefman069) said your tank is beautifull and that you might have some frags is this true.
    I found a computer power supply that I was able to mod to fit those pins so when you get home please send me that info.
    Thanks so much for the help by the way.
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