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    ID Needed

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    Pumps for my new tank

    I know of some full on SPS tanks that run 35x flow. FWIW, one cannot have too much flow for SPS corals! With that being said, you dont flow blasting the tissue off either. IMHO Roy
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    Lets talk about calcium/Kalk reactors

    Mike, Do you know of a (reliable) Kalkreactor? I've heard many a horror story of the stirrers(sp) failing in a short period of time. Thank you, Roy Also, do you know why I do not get a email when someone replies to a post I'm subscribed to? My default is turned on.
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    Bring on the clowns....

    This will always be my favorite. Lil' innocent creature. I cried like a baby when she died. Thats all I have to say about that.
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    Comment by 'saltwater-nut' in media 'Signaling Tang'

    That, is an excellant pic Kevin! A+
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    Bring on the clowns....

    The RBTA is 4" after a recent split. The clowns are 1/2" babies. Roy
  7. True Perc Fry In RBTA

    True Perc Fry In RBTA

    Little guys are 1/2" in size. About 6 weeks old. They love their Anemone!
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    Lets talk about calcium/Kalk reactors

    Looks like we'll be ordering a MAG test kit tomarrow. Thank you Mike! Roy
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    Lets talk about calcium/Kalk reactors

    Mike, Salinity is 1.026 Just what I like. ALK 2.8meg/L CA 480ppm Influent 8oz min C02 50 bpm Roy
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    Lets talk about calcium/Kalk reactors

    The CR nightmare continues. Question, How can influent which is 6.5, raise or hold PH in the tank at 8.2-8.4? Would'nt influent need to be stable at 8.2-8.4 in order to keep the PH in the tank the same? This CR has the influent at 7.34. PH in the tank is 8.03. It drops into the high 7's at...
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    Lets talk about calcium/Kalk reactors

    The conversion for the LaMotte ALK kit is 130 divided by 50=2.6 meg/L 2.6x2.8=7.28 dkh We're looking to get this up to at least 10 dkh Back to work on it and thanks Mike! Roy
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    Lets talk about calcium/Kalk reactors

    Lets talk a minute about setting up a CR. Lets use one I'm setting up for a friend. First were dialing in ALK. Using a LaMotte ALK kit were at 130 so far. I believe sea water is 180 so were getting closer to the mark. ALK is raised by increasing the CO2 rate. BPM Now Calcium. Calcium level is...
  13. Acropora Cerealis Parent Colony

    Acropora Cerealis Parent Colony

    Isnt she sweeet!
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    OK what do you want to talk about

    Evening Mike, Let's talk about Calcium Reactors. How to set them up. How a person figures out what their specific needs are. I get alot of questions concerning Calcium and Alkalinity. How to test them, and what the numbers mean. Thanks, Roy