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  • who do i talk to about sponsorships? not me but i know a guy who sell corals in hawaii his name is kevin his site name is aloha corals.
    Hey Scott, your not flying a kit in that bad boy are you? I am glad it kicked down a bit. Still and all, a cat 2 is nasty business~
    Hey Scott, after seeing the news this morning I think you would be wise to pull out soon. That storm looks pretty nasty buddy~
    Hey, I have a question for you, since you have been around a while, your advice would be appreciated.

    I have my aquarium up for sale, and a gentleman from Indiana would like to buy it. He is willing to handle all shipping costs, (freight) and he is paying with a certified check from his bank. I need to call the shipper once the check clears, and he will come and package everything up, and take it away... does this sound like a "scam" to you??????? I am having some issues with the logistics of a deal like this, but I dont know if its the real deal or not.... hmmmmm... your thoughts?
    hi scooterman my current name is paul cass could please change it to paul17 thank you
    Hey Scooty! When people talk to themselves, are they considered crazy??? :lol:
    should I get a new lighting cover/top then because I want double strips, also where can I buy t-5's?
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