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    MICROCOSM 2013 - San Diego, CA

    March 1-2, 2013 I want to extend an invitation to everyone for MICROCOSM 2013, which is a different sort of event that brings together a variety of naturalistic 'glass box' hobbies and specialists together under one roof...from poison dart frogs to orchids, aquatic plants and shrimp to...
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    Need ID (anemone...?)

    I have a few of these scattered over some pieces of LR and cannot figure out what they are. I was hoping some of you guys could help shine some light on it: They seem to have an orange/pink center or base, with clear tentacles that end in white tips. Thanks!
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    whats a biotope?

    Biotope: An area that is uniform in environmental conditions and in its distribution of animal and plant life. Tends to be extremely specific (i.e. Caribbean mangrove, Micronesian lagoon, Cozumel reef wall, Red Sea reef flat, etc.) The hobbyist uses only corals, fish, and invert species that...
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    Anyone have experience with multiple grammas?

    I was curious if anyone here has had any experience in keeping multiple royal grammas together in the same tank? I would be interested in hearing your experiences, anecdotes, etc. Thanks!
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    Reefs adapting to warming ocean temps?

    I came across this and thought it might make for some interesting discussion:
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    Opinions on Bare Bottom tanks

    I much prefer the look of sand, but currently running BB and things are going very well (less problems with nuisance algae).
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    I think i might be the dumbest reefer in the world

    I'll take those mistakes ANY day. Last Tuesday I didn't secure the return on my non-drilled closed loop and it flopped out of the tank and emptied 50 gallons of water onto the floor in our spare basement room--I just finished ripping the last of the carpet up this morning. Glad to hear your...
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    You Can All Stop Yelling At Me Now!!!

    Hey Michael, is that Australian pseudochromis still in your system?
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    Kicking myself (need ID)

    Well, after about a week after first obtaining them, they started to eat. One is constantly out and about (the other is still pretty shy and hides a lot). It's voraciously chowing down everything from frozen mysis to flake food.
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    Need ID (little white bugs)

    As best I can tell, they are some sort of copepod. I was just a bit worried that they might be some sort of acro or monti bug or something.
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    Need ID (little white bugs)

    I went down to check on the tank this morning, and overnight had a sudden explosion of these little things all over the glass. They are so tiny (1 mm or so) that it was really hard to get a picture with my camera. Most of them had a more solid white part (as can be seen in the picture) toward...
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    My New Nano Tanks - Pics

    I guess I wasn't very clear on that. People tend to either use a 900...or, if they decide to use a Hydor Flo on the return (as it tends to restrict the GPH) they go with a 1200. But, I was doing some searching and saw on another thread about your tank (I'm getting ready to purchase an Aquapod...
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    My New Nano Tanks - Pics

    Hey Chuck, if you swap out the stock pump you should be able to drop your tank temp quite a bit (the manufacturer has even admitted this). Many people swap it out for an MJ900 or an MJ1200 with a Hydor Flo on the return.
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    Why wouldn't I want to put my skimmer after the fuge??

    The point of a refugium is to provide REFUGE for certain organisms (usually things like amphipods, etc.). Ideally, they can then get washed into the main tank to help provide a steady flow of microfauna in the tank for diet supplementation, etc. Pods and whatnot would probably survive being...
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    Public Reef Aquarium locations?

    That full tank thread didn't contain ANY inspiration for you?