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  • Are you guys planing a get togeather any time soon? nudies,, ill be ordering some friday to speed up and make a quicker culter start. the aiptasia is spreding like wild fire left the lights off for a week and thay tripeld in quantity.
    ive been looking for pom pom xenia for some time. its very hard to find them here near chicago, is there any way i can get some from you, or do you know of any place around chicago that might have them.
    no probably not tonight but I took monday and tuesday off next week so I can go morning and night
    Yeah, just dealing with prep for a Windows 7 deployment, then at home trying to get this damn fish tank pieced back together.
    If You run for president ya got my vote!!!
    I did not hear back from ya and lost your phone # I also had to work on the sharkreefs photo meeting sorry !
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