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  • Hi,

    Just checkin in to see if you are still interested in trading the light bulb for the zoas? I had some other PM's for the light but am really interested in what you go. Let me know.

    Hey Dang, just wanted to check in with you. That duncan and elegance frag that my aunt and i got from you are doing great. you were right about how big the elegance gets when it puffs up...
    Hi Dang.. Thanks for the call. Sorry I never got back to you. I was out of town visiting my daughters. Hope all is well with you! Give me a call and we can try to set up a time to meet. I still have all those zoas.
    yeah! its been quite a while. are you doing anything next wednesday?
    and you have to come over and check out my pond sometime. i've been doing alot of reconstruction and new additions!
    hello dang the names rod, i have just recently switched over to sps and what im basically asking is if you can hook me up with some awsome frags i have talked and seen to alot of people who have got your high quality sps and the one person who told me about you and bragged alot was chad (reefman 069) so if you could please give me a call or shot me a email if you have anything available 253-359-4821 or 253-212-1019 thank you.
    hope you don't have zero no3,i a'm always have a no3 level in my tank(low level),what is it doing,,could you tell me what going on.
    Hey Dang!

    I am having problems with that stag I got from you. When I first placed it into my display, it colored up very nicely to a beautiful green specimen. It did fine for a month or more, but since has been in decline. I have tried to move it to various parts of the tank to give it different light and flow options, but have not found any good place.

    What do you feel would be the best for it flow and light-wise? I would assume because it is a stag, that higher light and flow would be good, but it has not done well under those conditions.


    yaaaay!!! congrats on tank of the month on RC!!!!!!!!!!!
    what an awesome write up, very very cool!! you deserve it bro
    Congradulations on the tank of the month write up. You better make sure to post the link to it when its on the web.

    I will be installing my new 210 similar to yours next Saturday. Maybe in a few years I can have that honor too. We still need to meet up at the Restaraunt for your softies some day. Now I have a colony of ORA green polyp Sarco leather too if you want it for the tank

    Talk to you later
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