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    leaving the forum

    its nothing personal i just dont find myself on this forum anymore for more reasons other then the one i posted i just posted that to get a point across. im not here to argue with anyone over who's opinion is better. it is what it is. this forum is not what it use to be
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    leaving the forum

    well i started here in this forum because i moved up to the pacific northwest. at first i felt the warm welcome but now there are too many people in here that are set in their ways. i just find my self not going on here any more. i just love it when people try to tell me what to think and how i...
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    Sump flow and turnover rating. How is it done?

    thats cool and all i have been doing this on their tanks for 5 years now. everything i had on their 210g aga is on my 120g aga same set up and never had an issue. im not arguing with you! didnt go over my head or anything. i love how people can perceive things differently in text rather then...
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    Sump flow and turnover rating. How is it done?

    i have a 120g aga and i use all four holes in my overflow as drains and i have a reeflo dart open full blast. so max is not 1200gph
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    List of Members

    hell yeah!
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    Black Ice and Snowflake clownfish from Sustainable Aquatics available *pics*

    do you have pictures never heard of a black ice clown
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    Car pictures

    what was your speed for the 1/4 with the evo
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    Deploying & moving

    hey welcome back !!!!
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    whats this green stringy crap

    here is a picture of the green cyano here is red hair algae bryopsis Dinoflagellates
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    !!!!The Offiicial Thatguy's In Wall Build!!!!!

    im missing money to buy the rest pf the parts i
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    !!!!The Offiicial Thatguy's In Wall Build!!!!!

    its just that money is really tight right now thats all
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    !!!!The Offiicial Thatguy's In Wall Build!!!!!

    all the equipment is listed at the top of this page. also this build has come to a grinding hault due to financial strain i will not be able to set this tank up for a little while.
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    Military Appreciation Sale on Memorial Day - 25% off Livestock for service members

    man i wish i was home for this sale!!! im currently in new york for an air show with our jets
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    !!!!The Offiicial Thatguy's In Wall Build!!!!!

    everything that is on my 120g is getting moved over to my new tank.
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    lost my buejaw trigger

    nope no top im thinking about putting in egg crate for my new tank