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  • Oh wow, I just saw this. I don't read these often so it'd be better to PM me. I notice those Ummm, you'll have to refresh my memory on what frag we're talking about. I've posted an ad on what frags I have available and will be bringing them with me when I go to Seattle next weekend.
    awesome just kinda give me a 30 minute heads up so you dont walk in on me naked or something wierd like that lol.
    Yes I would love some!
    I can come over laterr today and take a look!
    We can go to a good website I know of to ID them
    And I got the clown goby at BARRIER REEF in Renton!
    long drive but well worth it!
    It will be fine with fire shrimp!
    I've got a claener shrimp and a peppermint shrimp in there now!!
    They all get along!
    yo. dangs sceen name is tamarindthai. if you want to go up there. i would love to tag along. he lives a ways away.
    They tanks coming along the carpet is pooping alot i guess so hes getting used to the tank and all.
    We just got the biocube skimmer in at work, fits the 18+ size cubes...
    I would post a WTB on the equipment for sale. it's probley the fastest way to find something. and craig'slist can be helpful. Good luck finding one!
    i have a 28 gallon jbj nano and i have some cheap skimmer that came with it i dont even think its a named brand skimmer
    There is a few skimmers on the equipment for sale forum not sure how your setup is do you have a refugium or sump to put it in or do you have to fit it in your 12 gal nano
    You could post a WTB on the equipment and probley find one and you could look on craigslist. What size tank do you have and what protein skimmer do you have now?
    hey anyone out there im looking for a protien skimmer for my 28 gl jbj nano, i have one that is not doing to well of a job so PLZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! anyone out there mainly in the tacoma, puyallup, lacey, olympia hit me up im looking for a deal so help me out guys and gals
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