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    Your PM box is full...

    You can have the blown 660's if you want them. There are no harnesses or heat sinks with them just so you know. They both popped for some reason and one smoked pretty bad. We had really meant them for someone who buys at least one working 660 but now that I read the ad again it didn't say that so if you want them you can have them. We will be home all day and evening tomorrow and then leaving town for 10 days on Wednesday. If you can't make it tomorrow then we will have to do it when we get back.

    Can I get your address and Phone#

    sometime before tommorow morning, I have a fish order coming in at the store I work at and may have to leave straight from work to get the corals from your house in a timley manner.

    Sorry to sound so impatient but I have a pretty big shipment of fish coming in that needs to priced and put out before I leave and I'm gonna be in a major time crunch, I'm just trying to make it as smooth as possible for you.
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