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  • hey hows it going. i was wondering if u come across any hawaiian flame angel because i would like to buy one. or if u know someone who can get a hold of one. please let me know. thanks
    hey Tim didnt realize there was a visitor message section....I will answer your questions when Im fully awake...its like 6am here...ttly buddy...Les
    Hey Les, So I have decided to set up a blog about of all things fish. What a suprise. My girlfriend works in Public Relations and specializes in Internet Public Relations. I have many people that as me for advice and I love giving any information to people looking to learn. So I can put a banner advertisement on the blog and would love to WetPetsHawaii on my blog. So if you'd like to be a part of the blog let me know and send me the banner ad. Also I would love for you to join the blog and share all the wealth of knowledge and experience you have. This is the link. http://www.vitaminseas.blogspot.com/

    Besides that how is everything going? Anything interesting swimming around. The tropical fish have made their way up into my neck of the woods. I have caught lookdowns, hogfish, catalufa squirrels, spiny puffers, butterflys, pilotfish, and may others right in my local bays all the way up here in NY. Anyway hope all is well. Thansk, Tim
    Hey Les, How have you been? Hope all is totally radical dude. Sorry had a couple of cocktails this evening. Anyway. I remember talking to you a few months ago about my desire for a group of pygmy angels. So recently I found a male and 2 female Genicanthus Wantanabei group that are for sale. They have been together for almost 2 years now and the person needs to sell them. A great price as well. 200.00 for the 3 of them. The male is almost 6 inches and had the streamers that you generally only see in pictures. Anyway I have a couple of questions for you the fish wizard. First is my Emperor going to give them hell? I really don't think it will be an issue but thought I would ask. More importantly the person has to ship them to me from oregon........ Scary. He does not have experience shipping fish, except seeing fish that were shipped to her from on-line retailers. So here are my questions?

    How do you deal with excessive heat issues?
    If you don't have oxygen to pump into the bags, what are your options? I have heard of using a product made by Jungle called bag buddies, which are tablets that slowly releases oxygen into the water.
    Any insight or advice on how to go about this?

    Lastly am I crazy for doing this??????? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh and I heard Jeremy's little miracle black tang is coming out of quarantine today!!!! Can't wait to see pics. Later, Tim
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