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    Lego Sub Nano - Then and Now!

    Oh sorry I see Lorie found it. Try this one :D!-DIVE!-DIVE!-New-Nano-tank-started?highlight=
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    A New Hot Deal at CFI

    Sweet deal, way to go!!
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    RO/DI water pressure

    I would highly recommend a booster pump, you can get one from the same place you got the unit or air/water and ice another one of RF sponsors! This will get you maximum RO/DI and much faster, it will be worth the extra cost and you don't have to boost the entire house water pressure just the...
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    Mobile Phone user Info

    Droid is the Bomb man!
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    Aqua Controller Jr and DC-8

    humm, don't know, have you tried their website?
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    just shoowing off

    WOW beautiful corals, and pics!
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    yo dood, whts sup!

    yo dood, whts sup!
  9. Madman