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  1. Scooterman

    Anybody still come here??

    I think you can maybe reduce WC's and depending of lots of factors, amount of water you have, equipment etc. all affects how you maintain your reef tank at the end of the day you have to determine what your reef needs. I wouldn't ever think you would completely but definitely do them less these...
  2. Scooterman

    Inviting People Back / New Content

    not much i can do, i'm not a super admin,
  3. Scooterman

    How are you dealing with reefing since COVID19?

    Just wondering how people are doing since the virus, are you spending more time with your tank, doing upgrades? How are things at home, are you having money issues like lots of people who are out of work, are you able to keep your tank going? It is definitely hard times but I for one look...
  4. Scooterman

    2019 Reef Photos

    Well at least your back in, I'm still hoping to get there one day!
  5. Scooterman

    2019 Reef Photos

    Very nice there, looks better than a lot of my old tanks from years ago!
  6. Scooterman

    Rollermat question

    WOW seems to be working great, congrats, I can't believe how fast technology continues to develop and improve this hobby. I have a tank, it is dry but hope to revive it one day, i just need to find it a place in our home where the wife will agree to keep it.
  7. Scooterman

    Inviting People Back / New Content

    I'm taking a look to see if i can fix some of this
  8. Scooterman

    Rollermat question

    Nice I'd like to see it and how well it works.
  9. Scooterman

    How are things going here these days?

    Just wanted to drop a line and see how everyone is doing, hope the new site is doing well.
  10. Scooterman

    Automatic payments?

    I honestly don't remember, I believe it was an option.
  11. Scooterman

    Automatic payments?

    You weren't paying for anything, it was a subscription years ago that was suspended but not canceled, I had to cancel them all to clear up paypal account. Sorry for the confusion.
  12. Scooterman

    Nano tank

    there is always something new out there, latest and greatest, find something you like and jump in!!
  13. Scooterman


    I think we have it finally fixed, will be making adjustments to get it tweaked out.
  14. Scooterman

    Hey everyone.

    I always say the more the better, so you may have to experiment with that little tank to get it dialed in, good thing is it is a small tank so shouldn't cost much to find that sweet spot.
  15. Scooterman


    I'm working on adding a new spammer add on to help with the issues, they keep crashing the site. This should resolve that issue I hope.,
  16. Scooterman


    sorry for the spammer post, i cleaned it up and put a ban on the users.
  17. Scooterman

    120 Gallon Reef Build

    Really nice setup, going to be a fun project for the kids, keep us updated on the progress.
  18. Scooterman

    Krish sighting?

    I chatted with Krish on FB a while back, Kevin haven't heard from him in years.
  19. Scooterman

    old friend stopping thru

    Nice looking,it is going to grow into something really awesome!
  20. Scooterman

    Miss this place!

    It would be nice to see the forum pop up again as in the past, just people don't spend time posting when the can chat or post on social media and get instant responses.