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  1. Frankie

    Dolomite discovery ends 100-year treasure hunt

    Here is an interesting article someone turned me onto Boomer I thought you would like. Maybe start a discussion on it? How important to our hobby is this red algae? ( -- The century-old mystery of a missing mineral in coral reefs has been solved by a team from The Australian...
  2. Frankie

    Arctic Light

    Wonderful HD video. do the full screen option. Just awesome on large monitors! Click here--> The Arctic Light on Vimeo Enjoy! Frank
  3. Frankie

    Good Morning Reeffrontiers!

    Sorry to be away for such long stretches everyone. I had a good turn around in my business this year and it is consuming most of my time. Thought I would start a morning thread for all you early birds. Basically it is a good morning thread :D Pretty much post anything you like here that...
  4. Frankie

    Happy 4th RF'ers!!

    Be safe and have fun!!
  5. Frankie

    Sump flow and turnover rating. How is it done?

    Hello everyone, This is a thread for those that wish to discuss flow rates through a sump. I would like to start a discussion on this topic and start to put together information for the new and long term reefers. There is no right or wrong in this. Everyones system is different and all have...
  6. Frankie

    Eagle Cam

    I found this cam on a local forum and thought I would share it with you all. The Bald Eagle is located in Decorah Iowa live. The ads are about 20 seconds and then it's live 24/7 so worth the wait IMO :) There are 3 Eaglets in this nest.
  7. Frankie


    Hey everyone, I hope you had a great New Years! As you can see on the home page, were able to do whole articles with imbedded videos and the works! We would like to get a couple of these up at all times and welcome any news or articles you may want to share with us for possibly publishing here...
  8. Frankie

    Hippolytid Cleaner Shrimp

    Hey everyone! I am looking for a new picture to be donated to our invert gallery of a Hippolytid Cleaner Shrimp. If you have the RAW photo of one that is clear and crisp and you would like to donate the picture let me know! It must come from your aquarium. No copy/pastes from the internet...
  9. Frankie

    Poker Stars

    Hey everyone, to kill the time and have a bit of mindless fun I play on If there are any others here that do also and would like to setup a time to get a table for just us reefers let me know. I don't bet with real money online. It is just for fun with play money.
  10. Frankie

    In the chat room

    I'll be hanging out in the chat room all day today if anyone wants to talk shop. If I do not reply, it means I am afk for a second but will be right back. So bring it on and ask away if you have any problems you would like to talk about. hobby related of course ;)
  11. Frankie

    Live Rock Suppliers

    Hello everyone, As I work on my new build I am also thinking ahead for stuff I will need and LR is one of them. I gave all my rock away when I shut down my 120 last year and am on the hunt for light, branching LR that is very fresh. This will be going in a shallow display tank. Flow through and...
  12. Frankie

    Happy Thanksgiving RF!!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May the Lord grace your family and provide happiness around your tables. Even with our countries current problems we are very blessed to have the freedoms we do and I am very grateful to be a part of this great nation! Let's not forget the veterans on this day also...
  13. Frankie


    Any one play an instrument? I have been learning how to play and make flutes for about a year now. I play and make the shakuhachi. It is a bamboo flute. To make them you burn the holes instead of drilling. This keeps the bamboo from splintering. I find it very relaxing to make more then...
  14. Frankie

    Coral Algae (Symbiodinium) Discovered in Black Corals at Never Seen Before Depths

    ScienceDaily (Oct. 20, 2010) — Researchers at the Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB), an organized research unit in the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa's School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, have made remarkable new findings of deep-water black corals. When most people...
  15. Frankie

    60 gallon frag system build

    Hello everyone :) Being a new active mod/member here on this awesome forum I figure it only right for you all to get to know me better. What better way then to see a build by me. I just happen to be working on one right now that I haven't even mentioned yet to anyone. I was holding off so I...
  16. Frankie

    Show off your clams!

    Hello everyone, Big time clam fan here. I would love to see some of the awesome clams being kept here. So pony up, break out your cameras and show off those awesome clam!
  17. Frankie

    Do you run a chiller?

    If so, how do you vent it? Pictures welcome :)
  18. Frankie

    DIY Beckett skimmer

    I thought I would contribute one of my DIY projects. The material used is: 2x 48"x24" 1/4" cell cast acrylic, 1x 8'x8" cast tubing, 2x 8'x2" cast tubing, 1x 8'x5" tubing, two Beckett injectors, 40 1/4" nylon thumb screws, one 1 1/4" slip to slip gate valve, Weldon #4 andschedule 80 fittings and...
  19. Frankie

    Frankie's Lighting build

    Hello everyone! I ordered a new lighting system today and will be doing the replacement build here. I will have pictures of the entire project from removing the old lighting to building the new ones and installing them. I am hoping that this thread will help others when they need to do the same...
  20. Frankie

    Euro brace

    Hello everyone, It's taken some time but im getting my tank done. I recently took apart my 120 and rebuilt it from the ground up, literally removing all the silicone. It all started because the front pane got scratched. I ended up removing all the glass, cleaning it and re-siliconing it. So now...