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  1. salmonslayer

    Aqua Illuminations AI Vega Color LED Aquarium Light - White Fixture For sale

    Hi all, have several Aqua Illuminations AI Vega Color LED Aquarium Light - White Fixture for sale They are used but in great shape You will need to purchase a Controller. Asking $400 each Plus Shipping if needed.
  2. salmonslayer

    WTB External pump

    hay all, looking for a external pump. something along the lines of Reeflo, snapper dart etc. looking for around 2600hr or so. thanks
  3. salmonslayer

    Green Mandarin Goby f/s

    Have a extra Green Mandarin Goby (FEMALE)for sale Asking $10 Please Have a Established system with plenty of Pods. Thanks
  4. salmonslayer

    ID please

    Green Mouth???
  5. salmonslayer

    CUBICUS - Box Fish

    Anyone have any luck with one??. Cute little buggers. Thanks
  6. salmonslayer

    Help on ID/ Leopard Wrasse

    Hi all. I have 5 leopard wrasse total. All were small when I got them. One is turned out to have different markings. The other four are yellow and red. This one has colors more like a Mandarin Dragonet
  7. salmonslayer


    I have this stuff growing like mad. It grows like in plates.Thanks
  8. salmonslayer

    Filling Co2

    Getting CO2 filled in the south end. My bottle is on E
  9. salmonslayer

    CHILLER QUESTION - sl-300-a

    Hi all. I have a pacific coast chiller ( SL300A ). Had it for over 3 years. Each summer I have to call the factory and have them send me a part. The chiller reads 79 and tank temp is 77.8. When this takes place the chiller is running 27/7 because it thinks its 79 . They say its a probe and thats...
  10. salmonslayer

    The World Is Coming To A End

    Man-O-man. Whats the world comming to. One person don't like it and all us coffe drinkers have to suffer. If you pull up with your kids and don't know that the employees are half dressed, the key word is dressed ( whats dressed) I could see how that would be a problem. I think by now if you...
  11. salmonslayer

    Penny In Overflow

    I really don't know what to say. I was killing some Aiptasia and rasied my canopy to get the ones in the back of my rock work. Looked in my overflow and there were so many I couldnt see my return pipes. I took my pipes apart and to my surprise there was a penny that some one put in my overflow...
  12. salmonslayer

    Circle Of Death

    Not sure were I got it but it was a frag and its growing/plating in a circle pattern. Just need something to do so I thought I would share a pic with ya. By tstumbo By tstumbo By tstumbo By tstumbo
  13. salmonslayer

    PFO 400W Ballast Question

    Hi all. I have three 400watt HQI ballast. I ran three NEW Helios 20k SE bulbs. I fried all three in about three weeks. I went with HQI to over drive the bulbs. I found a place that sells Helios 400watt HQI single ended bulbs thinking great I wont have to replace them as quick from over driving...
  14. salmonslayer

    Id Please

    This came on a wild caught colony and was at the base of the coral. It was one head so I snaped it off and glued to a plug. Been sitting at the bottom in the sand bed. Seems to love the sand. Thank you
  15. salmonslayer

    Fragmans Tank

    I stopped by pauls and picked up a few corals. Thanks for the coral " your a man of your word" what a hook up :D. Have to weed out some more stuff and make some room ;) ;). Here are a few pics I took of one of his 6 or so tanks. MR SQUIRT
  16. salmonslayer

    Looking For A Id

    Friend gave me this and it split after a few weeks. It has a foot and is real small. Sorry can't get a clear shot, need to clean the glass :oops: Thanks
  17. salmonslayer

    DIY Canopy Plans

    Anyone have any pics or canopy plans. Looking to build a canopy for 180gal ( 72x24 ). Need room for three lumen brights,vhos and fans. Thanks
  18. salmonslayer

    My Sincere Apology

    What a mess I Made ! First and foremost I would like to say sorry to Dang. Second, I would like to say sorry to all the RF staff. Third, I would like to say sorry to all the fellow reefers for the mess that got out way out of control. I do have a conscience and feel really,really bad about what...
  19. salmonslayer

    Red Bug Topic

    Lets try this and see what WE ALL can come up with. Affects on corals Best way to treat Best way to stop the spreading. ETC,ETC,ETC. I got red bug from someone who got it from SOMEONE that didn't TELL this someone that didn't tell me. I took care of mine with interceptor. One and 1/2 tabs for...
  20. salmonslayer

    Say Bye Bye To The Le Flatworm

    Say bye bye to my LE flatworm ( Phrikoceros mopsus ).