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    My custom 233

    An interesting thread to read, maybe someone is looking for information on how to do a custom tank.
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    Inviting People Back / New Content

    What are you trying to work on? I can look at your permissions. @Scooterman
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    How are things going here these days?

    Hi there, not so many dropping by and posting. Are you going to be hanging around?
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    posting in the classifieds

    Thanks for letting me know. Sorry it took two sets of tweaking.
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    posting in the classifieds

    I have gone through and made a few more tweaks as one of the 3 sale forums had one setting in the way. Upon analyzing your permissions for those forums all are showing yes for posting new threads and replying and posting attachments.
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    2019 Reef Photos

    Beautiful photos. Such rich colors.
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    posting in the classifieds

    You should be able to post in Classified. I had to check a setting.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you. And Merry Christmas to all the Reef Members.
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    Anybody still come here??

    Let me see. I’m Angie. And I help forum member learn how to use the new software. I am a grandma to 8 and mom to two. I have not had a reef, but I am enjoying the photos on the site and find it is interesting. I think this can be an active forum again. Doing a few things reaching out...
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    Anybody still come here??

    We are hoping and working to get more members to return and enjoy this site. I've heard that FB does not allow for the selling of the live elements of a reef, and we do. That should help some forums to have their sales here and link back. But better yet would be members stopping by to say HI.