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    gfoxes cube

    What is your picture?
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    danger be aware

    You have to be careful while diving also.
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    Anemone feeding

    Do they cause trouble in the tank?
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    Is this a good or bad hitch hiker?

    Did you send it down the drain?
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    Comment by 'Eugene' in media 'My latest addition'

    <p>How old are these clams?</p>
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    Comment by 'Eugene' in media '10"'

    <p>Nice clams!</p>
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    Nana's 40B

    Love Marquette!
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    My 300 Gallon sps tank

    Great photos!
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    Some of my Macro photos at Oceans By Design

    Some nice eye candy
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    Awesome New SPS! REALLY REALLY FIRE!!!

    What is a garf bonsai?
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    where/who would possiby buy my freshwater fish?

    Jim at Conway Tropical Fish on Main St in Conway, Wa buys healthy cichlids.
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    NEW Giveaway: AquaFX RODI Water System

    Good video