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  1. Salsaking

    Looking for Bubbleyum SPS

    Was curious if anyone local has a piece of the Bubbleyum SPS coral?
  2. Salsaking

    Has anyone been to thailand?? Where are the best dive spots?

    Heading to Thailand in later Feb. Anybody have any experiences with diving there? Would love some feedback from you good people. I will be traveling south of Thailand. Please, feedback would be great. Eric Salsaking
  3. Salsaking

    Looking for Majano eating fish!!!!! HELP

    I will pay good money for anyone that has a Majano Eating fish! I will even return the fish if you want. I have plenty of corals to trade as well. Please help if you can. Salsaking Eric Also free salsa for life! lol
  4. Salsaking

    Anyone want to loan Aptasia Eater for lots of great SPS Frags

    Hello all! I have allot of aptasia at my home tank! Anyone have a fish I can borrow until they are gone? I will gladly pay with sps frags!! Let me know. Hope everyone is good! Eric
  5. Salsaking

    Quality SPS Corals for Trade!!!

    Hello all! I have a 225 gallon tank at home. SPS Only! I would like to trade with other people that want to trade as well. I have about 70 different sps varietys in the tank. Most of my sps is quality stuff. Anyone interested in trading frags?? 1 to 2 inch frags. This is what i have. Oregon...
  6. Salsaking

    Any interest in training Fragman and Myself on a camera for free frags!!!

    Hey everyone. Salsaking and Fragman are looking to buy a good camera and want to be trained on it. I'm willing to spend $2500 for a good camera with a lense. Any suggestions on what to buy? We will trade frags from both of our systems for free if anyone can help us out. Let me know as I...
  7. Salsaking

    Hapy Fathers Day!!!

    Just wanted to say Happy Fathers day to you proud fathers out there! What a beautiful day here in the northwest! Enjoy some family time! Got woke up to breakfast in bed with some gifts from my 3 and 6 year old! Precious, Precious!! Again, have a great Fathers day! See you at the salsa...
  8. Salsaking

    Threads getting banned??? WHY!!!

    I'm curious why some moderators that live so far away are canceling threads???? Can you guys please answer that? Reef Frontiers started here in the northwest yet MODERATORS from around the country are taking these threads down? Can anyone answer my question? Or this going to get banned as...
  9. Salsaking

    Salsakings new 700 gallon jaccuzi! lol 700 Gallon Reef system

    Hey everyone it has began! Eric and Jason are currently working on the 700 gallon tank, hood, and retrackable lighted hood that will consist of 8 luminarc's. Should be a sight!! I will start off with pictures when the tank arrives. All new plumbing! Everything! This thing is going to be...
  10. Salsaking

    Salsakings new 225 gallon home system!

    Hello all! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year. As most of you know I have had a 500 gallon system at work. Well over the past 6 years I have never had a system at home until now. Eric at helped me plumb a new 225 gallon system. I turned...
  11. Salsaking

    Just wanted to say Thank you to all the moderators

    Hey Salsaking here! Just wanted to say thank you to the Moderators that have put forth the time and effort on all subjects and questions answered!! This "Thread" is for the past, present, and future Moderators. Thank you! And everyone that uses this sight thanks you too!:) If anyone else...
  12. Salsaking

    Live Camera Back on!!!

    Camera is back on for live video feed! Tank is 550 gallon! 8 feet by 33 tall by 42 wide I think! Zoom in and check it out! Pretty cool camera! Well tank has been doing great! Here is a live feed for you all to check out! Here is the camera info you will need to view the tank...
  13. Salsaking

    Live Camera feed up and running! Check it out!!

    Camera is back on for live video feed! Well tank has been doing great! Here is a live feed for you all to check out! Have a good meating tonight! I won't be there. Sick!:( Here is the camera info you will need to view the tank. User name is "root"...
  14. Salsaking

    Stop! Stop!! Stop!! Read Please!!!

    I'm really sorry to here that some of you are having problems with your tanks! I would like to donate my large sps system in the back for people to store there sps or lps in. No strings attached, no favors in return! Just the fact that you will know that your corals are safe and sound until...
  15. Salsaking

    Looking for the Purple Monster!!!???

    Hey everyone! Salsaking here. Im looking forward to the meeting on Saturday. Hey, does anyone have the purple monster they would like to trade or sell? A frag would be nice. Let me know if anyone out there in frag land could spare a frag! See you all Saturday! Eric
  16. Salsaking

    Deltec pf 1000 calcium reactor for sale!

    First $450 takes this calcium reactor!! Let me know via my work email at Hope all is doing well! Eric
  17. Salsaking

    Has anyone heard or seen Mike Obrien lately!

    Paul Hamny and myself were curious if anyone had seen or heard from Mike Obrien lately! Seems to be missing! Anyone????? Paul Hamby and Salsaking!!
  18. Salsaking

    Can anyone please bring some Chaeto and Grape calurpa tommorrow!

    Can someone please bring me some Chaeto and some Grape Calurpa Tommorrow for the meeting. I would be happy to pay for some. If you havea allot I cant take allot or a little. Whatever you may have. Let me know. salsaking Eric
  19. Salsaking

    550 Gallon Tank up and running "Salsaking"

    Hey everyone! Here are those pictures finally! The camera work is not that great. I wanted to take this time to thank everyone that helped. I also want to thank everyone for encouraging me when i was down. I really appreciate it. Here are some pictures of the final product. Adding more...
  20. Salsaking

    Need help Friday Saturday 10,11th of Feb!!

    Hey all! Paul hamby and myself will be working on the main system Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th of Feb. Im going back to a sand bed system. Also adding more rock and goodies to the tank. We will also be putting a new light system in the hood. If anyone would like to be a part of...