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  1. eliterecon14


    I got a bangaii pair and they'll start up having babies sometime.
  2. eliterecon14

    Has this happened to you?

    Well I went to go to Aquatic Environments and the last time I was there the prices were just right. Today when I went there the fish prices were raised $20 for some and $10 for others a $14 mandarin now is 30. And I was going to get a single ricordia the size of a quarter and it is $20. I...
  3. eliterecon14

    Any one have rotifers?

    as dah title says
  4. eliterecon14

    Baby Clown Fish..... Calling Elmo18 S.O.S.

    Clarkii's hatched last night and I kept most in the tank in a decontaminated container that is reef safe 100%. The light is off still and will give me the needed time to find a five gallon tank unless it got turned on while I am away.:mad: don't want them to waste their enegry. Any tips on...
  5. eliterecon14

    silicone that is reef safe?

    What silicones can be used in an aquarium
  6. eliterecon14

    Unknown Marine worm there is a colony of marine worms that actually coil up and unwind to move and attatch themselves that way to algae. This is what the patterning looks like only no orange, just black and yellow.
  7. eliterecon14

    ways to remove pest anemones without killing them?

    ways to remove pest anemones without killing them, a person I know would love to have one, no care for it so super simple. Any idea how to take it off w/o killing it?
  8. eliterecon14

    Ever hear of aqua cultured Turbo Snails?

    I have a load of baby turbo snails, they are small now but some are about 1/4 square inch. They just were born out of nowhere. Is it possible mine mated and laid eggs?
  9. eliterecon14

    Flashlight fish

    Would a flashlight fish be available anywhere, what would the cost be, and would it be fine in my nearly year old tank. I love nearly as much as mandarins.
  10. eliterecon14

    Freeking Awesome Story

    About 5 hours ago I walked into Aquatic Environments, I was looking for the perfect piec of rock. I looked at some base and saw something perfect, then I looked at the premium Fiji rock display. There nestled among a crack was a bubble tip anemone! It has a flourescent green/pinkish stalk, about...
  11. eliterecon14

    Tubastrea Aurea

    Anyone got a polyp for sale?
  12. eliterecon14


    Hey I have a huge bloom of corraline red/purple algae and it grew over a period of a day and it is on every rock and my power head, they still hate plastic tubes!:lol: they won't go there, but everywhere else is covered. Just finished watching a meteor streak across the sky.
  13. eliterecon14

    Looking for coral

    Not wanting so spend a LOT of money so I was wondering if anyone had small frags about 1-3 inches of the following: 1-Blue,white, or yellow gorgonian any sort of branching gorgonian, not fan. Like a small one inch branch piece 2-goniopora 1-Montipora plate type
  14. eliterecon14

    unwanted artificial anemone(s)?

    I need an unwanted artificial anemone. One of those ones that are made of high grade polyurethane. Similar to this or one that has easy to move tentacles. I need it for my baby clownfish as for something to host when they are big enough and I...
  15. eliterecon14

    ClownFish Developement step by step

    Here's a step by step, day by day thing that shows how my clownfish fry are developing and changing. Note these are Clarkii Clowns so the fry will look different than others and change at different rates. Day1 put in dark tank very small...
  16. eliterecon14

    Baby Clownfish Update

    Currently in a 20 gallon tank, these photos were taken at supper time (their supper time) Their favorite food is zooplex, they came from the dephs like a swarm of gnats and swam into the cloud of food. They have a pretty good heater now compared to what was last had. A friend is going to try and...
  17. eliterecon14

    What type of Zoanthid is this???

    This Little Guy came in on a red pipe organ coral I got from a good friend of mine and I noticed him when I was looking at the frag in the bag. Today the corals are happy and are out, well one polyp is happy the other 12 aren't out yet. I just did get them last night too.
  18. eliterecon14

    Baby Clown Q

    What will baby clowns eat other than rotifers for their first week?
  19. eliterecon14


    Baby CLowns Just born
  20. eliterecon14

    What type of anemones split regularly?

    I am thinking of trading my Long Tentacle anemone in for a Bta and was wondering if there are any that split regularly other than the Bta. How would be the best way to move my Lta out of a hole in a rock. SIlversides aren't available around here so what would make the Bta grow otherwise? Would...