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  1. DonW

    Another quick wooden project.

    Small Cafe table.
  2. DonW

    CF card readers

    Here's a question for the camera junkies. What CF card reader would you suggest. Ive owned expensive ones and dirt cheap both only seem to last a month or two and die. I'd like to find one that will last awhile. Thanks Don
  3. DonW

    Week-end road trip

    Since the shop burned its been hectic so we decided to get away for a speed vacation or 4 day week-end road trip. Long beach kite festival. next day was foggy Off to Astoria Down to Canon Beach Over to Portland Governor hotel
  4. DonW

    Tank shooting tips

    Ok so Im board and this forum is slow. So post your tank shooting tips. Here is a couple. Use a Circular polarizing filter especially on thick glass or acrylic. Set your white balance under water for true colors. Here is how I do it. I dont bother setting the WB in the camera I find it a waste...
  5. DonW

    Prime Lenses

    I'd like to add to my prime collection to fill a gap. I have. 50/1.2, 50/1.4 and 50/1.8 85/1.8 60/2.8 macro Im thinking either the canon 24 or 28 / 2.8 anyone have experience with either of these. I'd rather not spend the money on the 24/1.4L if I dont have to but I do want comparable picture...
  6. DonW

    DIY 10x10

    Here is the beginning of my little clam only tank. Test fitting the glass after cutting and sanding. I left the bottom 1/8" large so that it can lock into the top of the stand. Thing is so tall and skinny I was concerned with tipping. I'll stick it together later after Ive had more coffee.:)
  7. DonW

    LED PAR bulbs vs Retro kits

    I'd like to get some input on led lighting. I can buy a retro kit or be lazy and just buy the PAR bulbs ready to go. The tank is 10 x 10 x 10 thats inches. :) What are the benefits of using a non dimmable retro kit vs just buying the bulb? Is anyone raising clams under this lighting? Don
  8. DonW

    Pondering New tank

    Ive been thinking about a new tank for awhile now. I dont want just a regular reef. Ive pondered alot of differnt ideas and none seem to be kicking me in the rear enough to get going on a project. While messing around the web I came across a picture of a ship in a bottle. Well that got me to...
  9. DonW

    Firing up the smoker

    Spent last night making making deer snacks, sort of like peperoni. Anyone else in to smoking and grilling.
  10. DonW

    Android phones

    There are alot of younger folks here, so figured this is a good place to ask. Anyone have one of the new 4g android phones? What do you think? Are they really faster? I use my crackberry mainly for business are the androids pretty durable? I'm looking at the new Samsung or the EVO but leaning...
  11. DonW

    Point and shoot

    I'm looking for suggestions on a new point and shoot. I'd guess 10mp or more, good battery life but most importantly small and very durable. I just want something to throw in my pocket for hunting. I have a 50d but its just to heavy. Thanks Don
  12. DonW

    40x40 project (Dons)

    This is not my tank but its a project that has been in the works for awhile. The guy finally found enough change under the couch cushions to get the ball rolling. I'm just the builder so I'm not sure how this will go. Initially we discussed an entire reef system but money has been tight. I...
  13. DonW

    AGA aquarium trim

    I got a notice that AGA is changing or has changed the trim. Can folks with AGA tanks please measure the bottom plastic trim height from bottom of trim to top. I need: Trim height Tank size Appx age Thank you Don
  14. DonW

    Dons photo help

    I started this thread so that maybe I can get some help learning to use my new camera. Here is the first shot. I'll try some tank photos this weekend. This was just in "full" auto. Canon T1i / d500 with a 18/55 lense.
  15. DonW

    Farrah Fawcet Past

    She past today at 62 years young. I can still remember the 1975 pinup poster stuck to ever boys ceiling. Red bathing suit and all. Don
  16. DonW

    Angels and Zoas

    I know most angels are not really reef safe and munch on sps polyps will they do the same to zoanthids? Don
  17. DonW

    CoralVue prop pumps

    Anyone have these pumps. How is the wave action? Any good or bad info out there? Don
  18. DonW

    Extreme skimmer height

    Any idea wether or not a real tall skimmer would perform better than the standard short one. I'm thinking 5 or 6" diameter 6 ft tall. Don
  19. DonW

    Skimmer pump

    What is a good pump. Body is a cone. 5" base 3" neck 18" tall. I'm thinking a psk 2500 with the inlet down sized a little. This is just going on a 55g. Thanks Don
  20. DonW

    Going skimmerless

    I decided to start another skimmerless thread just to see how it goes and if its doable for an extended period of time. I'll let this go for 1 year and see what happens unless the tank starts to crash in the mean time. Here is the history. The sump flows 3000+ GPH I toyed with adding flow to...