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    Power head electricution

    Hey guys my power head got knocked up out of the water by my carpet anemone when i finally saw it, i went to fix it and i got electrocuted. since that miserable day on Monday i have lost a lot of invertebrates and 2 fish the carpet seems fine when i trouble shoot all the equipment it was the...
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    Sump Build

    Hey everyone so im building a sump and i need some advice on my filtration order not sure what is best but i would love some advice currently i plan to place my sump filtration in this order total sump volume 65 gallons overflow pipe into a holding chamber 15 gallons-will be adding a sock in...
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    Seattle/East-side Help 75 gallon tank

    Hello I am very very new to reefing, it was actually just thrown onto me but i seem to enjoy it but have not the slightest idea of what to do i keep going to the fish store 1 time a day trying to learn. the 75 gallon established fish tank was torn down in the condo i bought, (it was amazing...