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    Itche_Scratche new baby 60 gal cube build

    After 6 months since we moved and sold my 210Gal tank. Itching and Scratching for not having any marine tank, I finally got permission to setup a smaller tank in our small new house. I decided to go with 60 gallons cubes. Tank will be SPS dominate. Here the spec: - Tank: Marineland rimless 60...
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    Moving Sale Large SPS and Fish

    I have a 200Gal SPS dominate tank. I'm moving to a smaller place. Need to let go everything All Coral and Fish for sale. Fish - 6" Yellow Belly Regal Blue Tang $100 - 4" Purple Tang $120 - Pair of mated maroon clown fish $40 (lay eye every 3 wks) (SOLD) - Yellow tail damsel free with...
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    Itche scratche 180 gallons diy build

    I got a permission to upgrade my 120 to 180 gallon for this holiday. It's will be an acrylic tank. Here is my current 120 gallons.
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    FS very nice acro sps pack

    FS very nice acro sps pack Very Nice SPS Package Deal - $200 All frag are at least 1.5" Red Dragon Acropora, PC Rainbow Acropora, Ora Hawkin Enchinata, Ora Red Planet, Tyree Lime in the Sky, Tyree Pink Lemonade, Purple Garf Bonsai, Cali Blue Tort List Date: 5/8/2015 Location: Seattle, WA...
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    Just purchase a pair of Jebao RW-8

    I just bought a pair of Jebao RW-8 for 120gal 4X2X2 to replace two of my old Koralia Magnum 7. Taking out from the box the Jebao RW-8 is a lot smaller compare to the Magnum 7. It’s about the size of the Koralia nano 425. With a small size I would have to say WOW, it can move a lot of volume. I...
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    LF original oregon tort

    LF original oregon tort I lost my oregon tort 2yrs ago due to heat. Now i installed a chiller. I would like to try the Oregon tort again. PM me if you have a frag to sell ot trade. List Date: 1/1/2015 Location: Seattle, WA, United States For more info, click here to view the original...
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    fs/ft red dragon & pc rainbow acro

    fs/ft red dragon & pc rainbow acro Multi branch ~1" red dragon Acropora $50 3/4" pc rainbow acro $30 i also interested for trade also. Im looking for true ausie enchinata or ice and fire enchinata. thanks for looking List Date: 11/29/2014 Location: Seattle, WA, United States For more info...
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    WTB copperband butterfly

    WTB copperband butterfly Want to buy a copperband butterfly fish to control my aiptaisa. I have a sps dominated tank but do have clams and lps. Thanks List Date: 8/18/2014 Location: Seattle, WA, United States For more info, click here to view the original listing: WTB copperband butterfly...
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    FS/FT yellow tang and sailfin tang - SOLD

    FS/FT yellow tang and sailfin tang Need to reduce bioload and trying to get rid aistaisa. I have 4"+yellow tang and 5" sailfin tang for sale or for trade with a copperband butterfly fish. $40 each if for sale. List Date: 8/4/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: FS/FT...
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    FS Yellow Tang & Sailfin Tang - No Longer Available

    FS Yellow Tang & Sailfin Tang Need to reduce my bio-load. I have a 4" Yellow tang asking $50 and 4"-5" Sailfin tang asking $50. Both are very healthy getting a long well. Not bother any other mate nor any of my LPS nor SPS. Currently in my display tank. Once i got a buyer i and set a date I...
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    when did sale forum changed?

    When did sale forum changed? I used able to posed a sale. Now I have to have over 100 post to able to post an ad.
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    how to catch a sailfin tang

    I have a 120gal Sps tang. I would like to know how to catch a sailfin tang without pulling or disturb my Sps. The sailfin tang is about 4". Thanks
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    LF Berghia Nudibranch - No Longer Available

    LF Berghia Nudibranch Is anyone have Berghia Nudibranch available? I want to try out for controlling my Aiptasia. I bought 4 pepermint shrimp the other day, but i still have not see it. Might be become someone expensive meal. List Date: 4/17/2014 For more info, click here to view the...
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    Why when I create a Sale post it go to Panjo

    Did RF chance recently on Sale post? When I click on new post in Sale it re-direct me to Panjo website? Is this correct? Or this a spam?
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    F/S green turbanaria cup

    I have a large 5x8" green turbanaria cup colony. I would like to sell half of it to make room for other coral. it should be around 4X5" colony. Asking $50 for it.
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    Quite External Pump

    I'm looking for a quite pump. currently i'm running Panworld 200PS produce about 1500GPH. But it's a little noisy. Any one know any quite external pump? any one has experience on: Reefflow Dart, Blueline Velocity T4, Red Dragon? Thanks in advance.
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    help on placement for pac man acro

    I got a good size frag of pac man across couple weeks ago. It start to have some algae on it. My tank 120g Sps dominate. The rest of my Sps doing great except for this. I place this acro down to sand at the corner of the tank now. Anyone has this acro? If yes where are you putting your acro...
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    Help. What is this thing on my ORA red planet

    Help, about 2 month ago I notice this white dot about 1/8" now it's about 3/8". Not sure what it is but the poly able to open thru it. Apology for the bad pic. Thanks for all your help.
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    how to introduce a clam without getting harass by others

    How do I introduce a clam to a tank without being harass by other fish or hermit crab. I have an existing clam without any issue. Last month I introduce another new clam it got nipped by the fish and hermit crab until it die. Why they pick on this clam but not the other. I would like to get...
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    Where is a good place to buy CO2 and service regulator

    I'm in South Seattle Renton area. Where is a good place to buy CO2 or swap out CO2 tank? Also i might want to service my regulator too. Thanks