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    A shocking story!

    Hi RF folks...I'm LostCreekReefer with a 270 gallon tank in western Montana. I am also a veterinarian, dealing with all kinds of animals and their people. I had a funny one today:....that I am still laughing about...I will be all weekend... So, We had a 'conversation' with a horse owner over the...
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    Fixing Acrylic

    I am throwing this out there to see what sticks! I have an ATI Bubble Master 250 skimmer and it appears the top bracket for the gate valve (water discharge) has come lose from the bottom cylinder. I would love to show you pictures, but they are locked in my new phone, still waiting for me to get...
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    "Tanked" - TV Show (on Animal Planet)

    I am just curious if anybody has watched this show and what are your thoughts? I am pretty amazed at what they do (I do not know if I mean that in a positive light...) and I just wonder how things go 'down the road' (algae? maintenance? stuff like that). Just thought I'd throw it out there.
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    The Bark Side

    I don't know if any of you caught this on TV Sunday during the Giants Vs 49ers, but it is really a cute commercial...It's a teaser, so what will come next??? The Bark Side: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser - YouTube I'm a Veterinarian and this is so funny. It actually sounds a bit...
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    Tunze power head problem

    Hi listers- I have a 270 gallon acrylic display setup that I obtained slightly 'used' almost 3 years ago. I have been learning & acquiring new equipment, fish, coral as I go. The tank came with 2 Tunze 6100 pumps and a Tunze multicontroller 7095 (4 channels). I added 2 of the Tunze 6105...
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    Fragging for the first time

    Hi all! I have a newer (to me) aquarium, 270 gallon display/400gallon system that I have spent the last 2-1/2 years figuring out to my current state of knowledge (how's THAT for a disclaimer??) I have many SPS corals growing very well. I'm watching the coral warfare going on, I am seeing...
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    Lost Creek 270

    Hi Everybody at Reef Frontiers- I'm Kevin and I live in Ronan, the spirit of Devon's post, I'll tell you a bit about my set-up. I've had various aquariums for over 40 years, but my salt water tank has been a crash course in the last 2-1/2 years. My display is a 270 gallon bottom...