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  1. alki

    Reef Setup looking for new home

    Hello all, After about 15 years of reefkeeping I am looking to get rid of my reef tank as I dont have time any more. This tank has been setup in this space since 2014, but was moved from my previous house. Its setup so well now I rarely do any maintenance :) I am looking for someone who wants to...
  2. alki

    coral for sale

    My hard coral is growing together. I broke off a bunch of pieces. large pieces $20 smaller $5-$10 I changed the light throughout the pics should be scroll coral, and orange?? . High quality coral though. Im in West Seattle near Madison Middle School, available on weekends. K...
  3. alki

    Portieria SP Reef Safe?

    Hello, I recently got some of this Portieria SP basically for free. Should I add this to my reef? Will it turn into a pest algae? I only have chaeto in my refugium, and am considering adding this to my DT. I have heard horror stories about adding some algae. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  4. alki

    Lights - No Longer Available

    Lights Available for pickup in West Seattle after 5pm or Sodo before 5pm 2ea Metal Halide Reflectors - Make Offer 2ea 250W MH Ballasts (purple)- Make Offer 1ea 250W Metal Halide Fixture with 2ea T5 Bulbs at 24" wide - Make Offer 1ea 250W MH Ballasts -m Make Offer 4ea 48" T5 Bulbs Various...
  5. alki

    Looking for Blue Tubbs, Radioactive Zoas, garf bonsai, oregon of cali tort,

    Im looking to try again on the above corals, but not looking to spend a fortune at my local lfs. Im in Seattle and have cash and maybe some trade. Let me knwo if your local and have some nice corals, Thanks
  6. alki

    Anyone know what this is?

    This algae/coral is growing in massive amounts on all my glass and acrylic. Its very tough and needs to be scraped off. Anyone know what this stuff is? Even better know what I can do to reduce this? I am going to reduce my sump lights as its going crazy in there. My main display has it but Im...
  7. alki

    SWC Skimmer Parts?

    Anyone know where I can get a SWC 160 cone skimmer parts? Specifically a pump and mesh impeller? Any Seattle area shops carry any of these? Thanks for your help. Sorry if its the wrong forum.
  8. alki

    Moving Large Aquarium

    Hey everyone, I've got a big aquarium move ahead of me. I just sold my house and am now moving into a rental. I have a 120 Gallon reef tank with sump. Does anyone know the cost to move something like this? And know where someone would find someone who do this kinda stuff? Im planning on getting...
  9. alki

    HELP!!!! I need a sump Im in W Seattle near alki. I need a sump right now mine just c

    My sump cracked. Please I just lost 30 gaoolons on my floor!
  10. alki

    Here we go again.. Red Bugs!

    Picked up some nice corals at a super great sale a couple weeks ago and also picked up about 40000 red bugs:tsk:. Ive been through this before and want them gone before bad things happen to my expensive sps frags I just bought. Im looking for some interceptor. I dont have a vet as I only have...
  11. alki

    Butterfly swimming back and forth on glass

    My copperband will not stop swimming back and forth next to my glass. I dont know if this is good, but I think not. Looks like stress, but there is nothing in the tank to stress him out. I just added a kole tang and now the kole tang is swimming back and forth on the glass! Its copying him, but...
  12. alki

    OK so my new tank is pretty much up. 120Gal

    Here are the basics. 120 Gal 4x2x2 1/2" acrylic w rounded corners dual overflow. I drilled for a closedloop 1ea 1-1/2" Intake 4ea 1" outputs. New dolphin ampmaster to push it. 30 gal sump Mag 10 for overflow 2ea 250W MH Working on getting some T5s also, I cant find t10s or I would get some of...
  13. alki

    Looking for sand in the Seattle area

    Anyone know where I can get good sugar sized dead (not live) sand in or near Seattle? I have heard some home depots occasionally carry this, but I have never seen it. I am looking for about 100Lbs or so and would rather not pay top dollar at any of the LFS for sand, and dont want he crushed...
  14. alki

    Anyone have a 1 7/8" hole saw I can borrow in W Seattle, Alki?

    Anyone have something I can borrow? I have a few just not the needed size of coarse I really dont want to buy one to use it once.
  15. alki

    AWWWWWW Tank Crash!

    Just got home from vacation. Apparently somewhere between wednesday and tonight my gfi tripped and the tank looks to be 95% dead. All livestock dead. I could tell something was up when I walked in the door and ohh that smell. I tried to get all the dead fish/shrimp/crabs I could see then...
  16. alki

    Leopard Wrasse not burrowing to sleep?

    One of my leopard wrasses didnt burrow as usual last night and is just laying on the bottom of the tank sleeping. The other leopard is burrowed as usual and my other fish all seem normal. Only addition lately was a emerald crab. I have seen this particular leopard laying on the bottom of the...
  17. alki

    Bad emerald!

    My new Emerald was cought munching on my nice piece of coral. (Name forgotten long ago) He has been doing a great job on my bubble algae, but this was not good. If I move the coral up do you think that will help?? I had 2 before who didnt touch this thing. I watched him actually rip the side...
  18. alki

    Hydor Koralia contact info??

    Anyone know where I can get a hold of these guys? I would think they would have some type of contact info on their website, but they dont. Mine is dead and only 8 months old. Their link sends you to Dr foster smith to buy, but I got mine from Marine Depot. They say to contact Hydor. Thanks
  19. alki

    Damn Humans! That must be one nice baggage claim area. Makes Seatac feel like the Tijuana border.
  20. alki

    Hydor Koralia pump for 30 gal

    Maybe someone can help me out with a bit of advice. I have a 30 gal and have 2 of the nano koralia pumps in there. I also have a hob filter marineland 350, i think. Tank looks pretty good considering no skimmer and no sump, but there is not much flow. I was thinking about maybe upgrading to a...