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    Ilovereef's 270 galons SPS (tons of pics)

    Sorry to here the once upon a time part
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    Nana's 40B

    Thank you for keeping this updated and congratulations on winning the contest.
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    My 375 Reef

    If you get a chance can you load a full tank shot? Thank you it sounds amazing.
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    My 600 gallon reef tank

    Very impressive
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    A Golden Reef Tank

    That thing is massive! It really puts it in perspective next to your car. LOL
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    A Golden Reef Tank

    This is over the top incredible!
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    140 gallon Zero Edge Aquarium

    Nice tank!
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    How do we get new people in Reef Frontiers?

    I for one am glad the forum is still here and available. I have been out of the hobby for about 4 years and looking at possibly getting another tank as soon as our house is done being built.
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    Thinking about coming back!

    Sold all 3 tanks about 3 years ago and now that our new house is being built am thinking about getting back in. Thanks for all the pictures on this site to make it so easy to walk away. LOL